Pinot Gris question

Tasting this lovely rose from Kermit this evening and it just occurred to me, how am I drinking a pinot gris rose? Isn’t it a white grape? [scratch.gif]

the riper Pinot Gris gets, the more pink it gets - I’ve seen ripe Pinot Gris fruit that is almost red in color -
How is it?

I’ve always found this wine a bit low in acidity-

Interesting - thanks. It might lack a touch on the acid front, but I’m digging the 2014.

Drew - As far as I know, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir are mutations of the same grape. The blanc is of course white, the noir is red, and the gris, or “gray”, is in between.

It’s correct that the colour of the grape skins of Pinot Gris often becomes reddish. But Pinot Gris juice only obtains that onion skin colour only if it’s macerated on the skins for a bit longer. In Italy, they sometimes call those Pinot Grigios “blush”.

Reuilly Pinot Gris is high-toned notes of pink grapefruit peach skin, quince, and even a hint of juicy pineapple. on the backend holds the quiet fruit-cocktail mélange in perfect balance.

That’s pretty much true with all red grapes isn’t it? The color always comes from the skins -

Have a couple of Pinot Grigio "Blush’ here ready to go , will post TN.

We were pouring the 2014 Fossil and Fawn Pinot Gris. It’s a bit fruity right now but some black tea notes are starting to peek. The acidity is fascinating: it’s not precise, it’s a round, colorful acidity. Crayon, not mechanical pencil.

It’s self distributed, so check their website if you want some.

Also, Pullus Pinot Grigio from Slovenia looks like a rosé.

We burnt through almost a pallet of this Friulian bottling recently (Plozner Malpelo):

Delicious, with a bit more grip than most PGs…

Not available, unfortunately.