Pinkglow pineapples

Anybody try it? Just tried it today-yummy.

Never heard of them until now. Just looked it up saw the price [wow.gif]. Those are are Japan fruit price. Worth the $50?

Bruce is a fruit baller.

My wife bought a small (pre-cut) container from Stew Leonard’s . She’s not a “price checker” but I can’t imagine it was very expensive . Will check it out if/next time we purchase it

I had one a few weeks ago. It was a “throw-in” (as well as other food times and drinks) from an LA Times event where we picked up food from Marche Moderne (in OC and fairly high-end French restaurant) and re-heated at home.

I had never heard of it before.

We let it sit for a week or so, and it was very ripe.

Very sweet and maybe a slightly different taste, but hard to really tell more of a difference absent a side-by-side taste with a regular pineapple. By memory, I may like the regular pineapples more for a bit more tartiness and less sweetness (was almost too sweet).

Not a must-try-again, but kids loved it, mainly because it looked different.

I like the new gold pineapples over the “regular” ones; I like the gold and pink equally so far-just different tastes.