Piedmont - winery recommendations

I am planning a trip to Italy this summer and plan on spending a few days in Piedmont wine tasting. Does anyone have wineries they would recommend visiting? We’re planning to focus on Barolo rather than Barbaresco.


There will be lots of opinions and suggestions here and certainly the style of producer makes a difference but we had fantastic experiences at Vietti and Oddero. I would also highly recommend La Vite Turchese wine bar and shop in the actual town of Barolo. Great selections by the glass. Tell Stefano we say hello. :grinning:

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Plenty of great experiences, and I’d recommend being brave and trying places you’d not heard of, as well as those you have. Ideally this centres on the village you choose to stay in, having at least one day where the car is left parked up, and you stroll between wineries close to each other, and even better if the walk is through the vineyards themselves.

So I’d probably next choose the village / the place to stay that calls to you, and from there pick some wineries to explore in that village. Once that’s clearer, it’s easier to look at which other villages you’d want to visit, walks you might do (I always encourage people to make use of the public access vineyards), and what wineries in those other villages might give the overall spread you want.

Of the villages, Barolo the most touristy, and whilst not a San Gimignano, Verona or Siena level of tourism, it’s noticeably changed to suit the demands of tourism, including the arrival of tour buses. At the opposite end of the scale would be lesser mentioned Barolo villages like Verduno and Novello. All have good restaurants, so I’d recommend mostly focusing on accommodation that appeals (the langhe, roero and monferrato tourist board have a strong listing, but plenty of great places). We tend to prefer apartments, but there are fine B&Bs as well including ones attached to wineries (see agriturismo.it for a good selection). Not many hotels, but they’re there for people that like them.

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Thanks Rich and Ian, that is really helpful. Was there anywhere you really liked for lunch / dinner?

Plenty of good places, and few poor ones (they do exist from time to time). Again I’d absolutely focus on where you are staying, as driving and tasting requires sensible restraint, so having the option to walk to the restaurant in the evening can let that person kick back and really enjoy the wines.


We loved this place for lunch. Assuming good weather get an outside table overlooking the vineyards and have a 3 course meal and a great bottle of Piedmont white wine. I think we had a Sorriso if I recall.

Thanks Rich!