Piedmont in the Fall? Truffles? Harvest?

My wife and I try to have a few vacation ideas working at all times so we can pick and choose whenever chance and circumstance allow (usually only once per year).

Is it possible/advisable to do a Fall Piedmont visit timed during harvest and the height of truffle season? Our feeling is that harvest would most likely occur prior to the full-swing of truffle season (which may begin in October perhaps as early as harvest-time in the Langhe, but November seems more of a sure thing). But assuming the two coincide, is going during harvest even advisable? It seems it might limit winery visits and the chance of running into a winemaker or two at the local tavern.

We’re thinking of possibly flying into Genoa. Or perhaps coming from France/Switzerland through the alps via Valle d’Aosta. But it’s really all about the food and wine of the Piedmont for us.

Any comments or recommendations are most welcome!

If you can wait until the second half of November it’s probably better. I hate to tell you guys, but visits during harvest are a real pain in the neck [highfive.gif]
If you go during the second part of November you will find a more relaxed atmosphere as things will be slowing down and you will definitely find truffles

That’s what we were thinking - and I really appreciate the feedback!