Photo of last night's charity wine tasting (with Fu's Caviar and Flannery Rudd Steak)

Last night, we hosted a great charity wine tasting, raising $2000 for the Interfaith Coalition. We paired NV Vilmart, '09 Dom Perignon and '04 Taittinger Comte with Charlie Fu’s awesome caviar, '17 Pepiere Briords and '15 Dauvissat Forest with oysters, '01 Suduiraut with seared Hudson Valley Farms foie gras, perigord truffles on Inaudi Tagliolini with '64 Pio Cesare Barolo, '08 Produttori, Flannery Rudd steak with Greer 2012 and '96 Cos d’Estournel, and Stilton cheese with '94 Grahams VP. There were also a couple of rosé champagnes thrown in along the way (Vilmart and Dethune)

While we were hosting the event last night, another auction we donated to (but didn’t attend) generated two $3000 donations to the Brigid Collins Family Support Center. I just ordered a couple of magnums of Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle champagne for those tastings.

No formal tasting notes, I was way too busy trying not to ruin the courses. I can say there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. The '96 Cos could use even more time on its side, and the '09 Dom is showing much better than the '08, which has shut down IMO. The '64 Pio Cesare was still quite fresh. Suduiraut hit the ball out of the park in '01.

Charlie Fu’s Astrea Caviar Grand Selection Schrenckii was outstanding. I’d eat that every day were I a billionaire. The Flannery Rudd steaks were so delicious, they were worth it despite losing my American Express card to hackers.



Very nice.

Awesome! Happy to be a tiny part of it!

Great wines and pairings, Warren. Great generosity too!

Sounds like great wining and dining all around–and for a good cause, too! Keep up the good work.