Phoenix restaurants?

I don’t know whether to post this in here or travel, but I’m going to be in Phoenix next month for four nights - one solo and three with the SO.

Restaurant recs? Tend toward farm-to-table. Trip isn’t really costing me anything, so am happy to try out some top notch places, if I don’t have to wear a tie. But top-notch food is the priority.

You should PM Jack Bulkin. He knows everything.

I was there a year or so ago and had an offline with some nice folks at Backstreet Wine Salon. The owner is Jock Wulffson, who is a serious wine guy. The food is excellent.

Scottsdale has the best restaurant scene:

Cowboy Ciao is a good one.

and yes, Jack Bulkin is the man to ask.

I am not Jack, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! neener

Unfortunately, Backstreet has closed it’s doors. You should check Quiessence for farm to table. Coup Des Tartes, Atlas Bistro or Cafe Monarch for BYOB.

Let me know the dates you will be here and we will schedule an OL.

Chowhound has great Phoenix/Scottsdale threads.

That being said, Hit FnB in Scottsdale, great farm to table place. I was there solo a few weeks ago, sat at the food bar and had a great time. Order the leeks dish.

NOCA is also great local place, will knock your socks off.

Red Lobster.

I was just there last week and read a great review of Binkley’s in the paper. I wasn’t able to go but it’s on my list for next time…

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I rather enjoyed Cowboy Ciao. Was surprised at the level of spice in the food, however, for a place with such an extensive (actually ridiculously extensive) wine list.

Thanks, all. Yes, Jack’s been enormously helpful! I made a rez at Binkley’s and will plan more as travel nears. Biggest problem is that I’ll be there solo on a Friday, and much is closed on Sunday & Monday, so Saturday will be the best chance.

Please let us know how Binkley’s is.

Sorry, I came to this party a bit late, but I can shed a little light on this too…

Binkley’s is by far my favorite restaurant out here. Fortunately for me it is about 15 mins away from my home, and a block away from our office! Kevin Binkley is a French laundry alum, and he and his wife Amy run the show. They do multi-corse dining (4-6) that really turns into about 12 with all of the amuse bouche that comes out. The menu changes daily, and incorporates mostly local ingredients (when it comes to things that can be grown here) Its a hike up to Cave Creek, but the drive is worth it.

Also, as Josh recommended Quiessence is an excellent choice also. It’s located on the far south side of the valley. Many of their ingredients are grown on the premise, the food is excellent, and the pours for the wine pairing are large. You will without a doubt get an Arizona wine too (which can be good or bad).

I would also throw Sassi in the discussion. Gorgeous property, fantastic food. They also use locally grown produce (McClendon’s select) in their Italian food. The specials are great, the pasta is home made, and the wine list has enormous pours by the glass.

I could name about 15 more restaurants, but it sounds like Jack has this covered. (And he would be the go-to guy!)

So sorry to hear that. It was a terrific place. What is Jock doing next?