Phoenix BYO

Any good recommendations? Have a client dinner 10-12 people and I’d like to bring my own wine!

Any recs for good BYO in Phx/Scottsdale besides Atlas (which we already have Rez at). Will be bringing the ms. and gonna eschew the business dinners at the resort restaurants, for local haunts. Will be there in late April, so drinking anything fuller than Rose will still be possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


Slim pickings im AZ. Besides Atlas there’s Coup des Tartes which is a favorite of ours. Those are the only two I am aware of/have experience with, although I think there may be another one or two.

Thanks for the tartes rec. Their website indicates that they are possibly currently closed?

Any can’t miss non-BYO restaurants, favoring off-resort location?

Coup des Tartes relocated recently into a new space but I do believe they are now open for business. Give them a call. Great food

New chefs at Atlas Bistro (Cory Oppold and Juan Zamora) are killing it. 3 courses (all savory) for $60 and reasonable corkage ($10/$5, I think…they waived corkage for us the past couple of visits) and 0 corkage if you purchase at the adjacent wine shop (AZ Wine Cellar). Dessert/cheese courses extra. We’ve been twice now with these chefs and last weekends dinner was so good we re-booked for a couple of weeks later on the spot. Service is top notch too.

The menu is constantly changing to reflect seasonal availability but the current menu has a bit of Middle Eastern flair that worked super with a '98 Musar red.

Another super BYO is Hana Japanese Eatery. They consistently get voted best Japanese restaurant in PHX and we love bringing wine and sake to go with Lori’s food.

There are a few other places around town that allow patrons to bring in wine/beer, although they don’t advertise as such. We regularly go to an Italian deli/homemade pasta shop in east Mesa and a pho house in SE Chandler that allows byo with no corkage. If anyone is interested in names of places, please message me.

Chula Seafood is now allowing BYOB (no corkage, no provided stems)
Chula is a fresh seafood market with a handful of menu offerings (mostly raw dishes) like poke bowls, spicy tuna bowls, etc. and a daily special. The food is wonderful.

One of the chefs (Juan Zamora) is a former chef at Atlas Bistro.

Bill, thanks for posting this. Will definitely be checking this place out!

Another new BYO option in Old Town…

New Wave Market (the expansion of the oh so delicious Super Chunk, next to Cowboy Ciao) will be opening on 8 July and will be offering BYO. $8/btl for wine, free for beer. You can also purchase bottles from the Kaz bar / Ciao menu. New Wave will be sandwich focused and being doing breakfast/lunch/brunch for now but be opened until 10pm starting in the fall.

Looks tasty. I am going to have to check that place out.

As of Saturday, they have invested in a couple dozen Riedel stemless.

Food is indeed wonderful. Saturday’s oysters were great and “Juanito’s Bonito” sushi bowl was sublime.

Good stuff all - wasn’t aware of New Wave Market. I’ll definitely hit it up soon.

If you’re looking for a super casual Thai food joint with great/authentic food that also allows BYO, check out Sala Thai on 32nd st just north of Shea. Their glasses are absolutely brutal though, so if you care about that sorta thing, you might want to bring your own stems.

Just heard about this place today. Have it on the list to try soon

That looks really interesting. I’ll give it a try when in the area next week.

Question - why can they do BYO when others can’t? Is it only available for restaurants that don’t have a liquor license? Is that so rare?

The liquor laws in AZ are quite restrictive. In order for a restaurant to allow BYOB they mustn’t have liquor license and I beleive they can’t be above a certain square footage/number of tables. There aren’t many in town, but Atlas Bistro is the best by a long mile.

Similar laws in MA.
I’ll be in Phoenix next week so this thread is great timing.

Another new BYO is Mingle and Graze in downtown Chandler.
It’s a cheese / charcuterie / sandwich shop that will have a liquor license but in the meantime they are BYO.

I really wanted to like Sapiens. I’m in North Scottsdale once or twice a year and having a BYO place relatively close would be great. The menu looked interesting. All seemed good until I went there. Unfortunately I cannot recommend it and will likely not be back.

It’s in a strip center that is not very active at night. There is really nothing that would draw you there, so it will need to survive based on word of mouth. It’s quite small and there is no place to wait, which could be a problem if you arrive early and it’s full (it was fairly full on a Thursday at 7:00 but largely emptied out by 8:00).

The main problem was the food, with totally inconsistent or non-existent seasoning. One dish was so salty as to be almost inedible while two others were crying out for salt or any seasoning at all. Regardless of any constraints imposed by their Paleo concept, ingredient combinations did not really work well. In addition, the plating choices were all poor.

The service was kind of bizarre. It was attentive at first but then we were largely ignored for a period. The strangest was being asked if we saved room for dessert two minutes after having received entrees and then again about halfway into the entrees.

So the only thing it really has going for it is BYO. If you’re going for that reason, be aware that there is a $15 corkage fee that is not noted on the website or anywhere in the restaurant until you get the bill.

Ristorante Guisseppe in Scottsdale

There must have been earlier dinner parties, also doing BYO, but sharing their wines with the staff. neener