Road trip this weekend with my 16 year old )daughter. Besides the obvious ( to me, anyway) places (Liberty Bell, Indepedence Hall, Betsy Ross house, Franklin Institute, etc.), any other suggestions ? Nighttime activities that are local/special to the area?

Any ideas for food-Reading Market a must??
How about for Cheesesteaks? Many years ago I used to go to Jim’s, Abner’s, and Larry’s (home of the Belllyfiller-near Temple University if I recall). Staying at Hampton Inn near the Convention Center-City Center.

Thanks all.

Dalessandros in the Roxbury area makes the best cheesesteaks

the Reading Market has good sandwiches at Tommy DiNics- they are famous for their roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone. Also La Columbe Coffee a few locations have great espresso and capp.

Thanks for the info. Neither one of us drinks coffee-as an aside. Any special places for ice cream, gelato, etc?

Reading Terminal is insane on weekends, so I advise getting there early if you don’t want to have to push through crowds and wait in lines.

My son goes to school in Philly he says Broad Street in general is cool as is Magic gardens. Also Penn’s landing.


Ok. You’ve hit the biggies.

A few others:

Independence Seaport Museum

  • USS Olympia: Dewey’s flagship, training vessel for a number of WWII senior and flag officers, transported the remains of the Unknown Soldier from WWI
  • SS Becuna: Launched late in WWII but still seeing action. We have all seen WWII submarine films, but those do not come remotely close to conveying what it is like to actually be on board a sub from that era. VERY enlightening.
  • Schooner Diligence: Under construction. An 18th century sailing vessel. Haven’t seen it, so cannot comment.

Christchurch Cemetery - Ben Franklin’s grave among other notables. Often has a Franklin re-enactor.

Laurel Hill Cemetery - More notable interments including one that caught me by surprise: Charles Mercer - A man who fought in both the Battle of Culloden (Bonnie Prince Charlie’s ill fated attempt to regain the Scottish throne) AND the American Revolution.

Also a number of interesting monuments.

If you are willing to cross the river, there is the USS New Jersey:

On basically the back side of the airport is Fort Mifflin, a survivor from the revolution:

Then there are the tacky tour options - ghost tours and the like. Info on those options is EVERYWHERE!

Capogiro for the best gelato…several locations.

Larry’s is near St. Joe – not Temple and it is still there. The steak sandwiches in the Reading Mkt are good enough – no need to travel more.

If you like impressionist art – the Barnes is probably the best place in the world for a collection. Very worthwhile.

It is very, very hot – so indoor things.

There is an interesting Chinese Lantern display not far from the Convention Center – might be fun to walk over in the evening. And just strolling around Rittenhouse Sq. is fun – there is a Capogiro nearby:)

I was very impressed with the National Constitution Center when I last took a tourist there.

I agree with Ted - D’Alessandro’s is great but don’t bother going to Roxborough just for a cheesesteak; go to the Reading Terminal Market…and then get roast pork instead.

Spruce Street Harbor Park is fun if it’s not too hot and muggy.

The Mutter Museum might disgust or intrigue the 16 YO

This isn’t a bad summary of some current food scene heavies Zagat Stories. If you’re looking to buy wine you’re in the wrong State but if you need to, I think Max Gottesfeld is @ 12th & Chestnut.

The Barnes. A must see.

And John’s Roast Pork. Don’t listen to these D’Alessandro fools

Thanks all. I see that there will be no more turtle soup at Bookbinders this trip.

Forgot about that - Jose Garces has opened a Bookbinder’s-esque restaurant in the Bookbinders space - They serve snapper soup.