Phenomenal Popover recipe

We had these at an OL in Miami and I still dream about them. Best ever.

EE maybe?

The #1 reason to continue to go to Pier 4, the popovers!

They ARE pretty good but we are talking DRC with BLT, an 86 vs a 98.


Menu tonight is very Wineberserker related…
This popover recipe,
Martin Zwick’s Rosti Recipe,
Seared filet mignon,
first garden lettuce of the year.
Now If I Just had some wine in the cellar…

And if you were Mark Squires you’d move it, get in the last word and then lock it. [berserker.gif]

And if I were Lady Gaga I’d glue them to my breasts and wear them in my next music video.

How is this topic not about food?

The verdict was…great, but maybe less gruyere would be better. I put maybe a tablespoon sized pinch on em. Good news…leftover batter for breakfast popovers w jam and butter

Does anyone outside of boston even know what a popover is? I had never heard of them until I had dinner at the hawthorne hotel in Lynn. However, after discovering them, I think I ate every popover in the house. Man, were they good.

Bob - I was thinking exactly that when I read the title of your post. I spent most of my life in the Boston area - only moved out to CA in 1997. I remember Hawthorne-by-the-Sea and the other place out there in Marblehead that I believe was owned by the same group. General Glover!- brain delay - I think that was the name.

At any rate, to your question, I have not seen nor heard of a popover since I came out here, and to be honest, that’s ok with me. I was offered one last year at a terrible lunch I had in a very packed restaurant serving more old-style food than I could ever imagine - Century House in Danvers. I passed. [wow.gif] Popovers are definitely not one of the things I miss about the Boston area. But lobster, bay scallops, regular old cheese pizza, a great ice cream shop on every corner, schrod/sole/flounder. Those are the ones that come quickly to mind.


The Hawthorne Inn is another restaurant owned/run by the Athanas family who owns Pier 4, I wonder if it was the same place?

Anthony Athanas with Joe DiMaggio & Bobby Orr

I had no idea. When I saw the picture, I thought, “muffin.”

Just to clarify, the hawthrne hotel is no longer in business, and while it was only a few minutes drive from the Hawthorne Inn, they are not related in any way AFAIK. I took my in-laws to dinner at the hawthorne Hotel as it was their favorite place to go out and eat. The average age of their patrons was probably people in their 70’s, so that is why they were not going to be able to stay in business.

Muffins are generally sweet and a bit dense.

Popovers remind me a little of Yorkshire Pudding. The taste is savory and the texture quite light. Of course Yorkshire Puddings have sky high cholesterol because of the beef fat they are made with.

Popovers have fairly high cholesterol because of all the eggs. When made with cheese, as in Ron’s recipe from BLT the best comparison would be with the old wine tasting favorite, Gougeres.

If you want an amazing popover and are in NYC, head to BLT Prime…out of this world

That’s because they’re the same thing, just cooked in different pans - and beef fat in the case of the pudding, of course.

If you peek at the recipe in the OP above, these ARE the popovers from BLT.

Bob, thanks so much for the useful corrections.


You don’t get to 12,000 posts by ignoring mistakes like that!! neener

Fixed. neener