PG Bersekers' Cuvee: 2013 or 2014?

Looking for advice and opinions. I am going to serve one of these at a party in June. I had intended to serve the '13 simply based on age. I have not yet had a chance to try the '14. It was recently suggested to me be someone else that the '14 is really in a better place at this time. Thoughts?

If you go with 13, decant an hour. I just had one and it was beautiful. It won’t be a wrong decision.

I like the '13 better.

A few months ago, I served it blind with another Cali Pinot and three not unsubstantial red burgs and it was the favorite of the flight.

Had both back to back 2 nights, I like the 14 better right now, even after a day open.

Definitely 2013 right now. Have had both recently and the 2013 has evolved well while the 2014 comes off as very young and really not a cohesive wine at all IMO. It has very good potential, but I found it dominated by a glycerin mouthfeel that obscured either fruit or acid. That said, the amount of material in the wine is evident and I think it will round into form nicely. When the 2013s arrived (and other WV 2013s as well for that matter) I found them thin and without sufficient fruit to buffer the acid. Not terribly so, but out of balance. Over the months these evolved very well and now I wish I had more! I’d go 2013 all the way if you want the better bottle. If you want to also “check in” on 2014, obviously that will tell you the most of all.

If they aren’t wine geeks the '14 is more “smooth” and approachable and will go over better IMHO.