Peter Luger Bacon

From my local supermarket. Checked on line and if you can’t find it locally, it is available here.

This is the bacon that is extremely thick nearly two and a half ounces per slice. I bake it 18 minutes in a toaster oven. Quality is incredible; far and away the best bacon I have tasted in terms of flavor, smoke and texture. Expensive, but well worth it.

$54 bucks…for .75#'s?


6 Pack !

Ahhhhhhhhh. Whew.

Weight may not correlate with quality.

Ouch… [stirthepothal.gif]


We had a bacon taste-off.

Luger bacon is outstanding.

But it couldn’t carry the bags of this (much less expensive) bacon: 4 packs Hickory Smoked Country Bacon

$8.29 a package (12 oz) at Fairway. I was told years ago that they get their bacon from Schaller & Weber. Not sure if that’s still the case.

The Lugers bacon is top notch. I still give the nod to North Country ( but Lugers has the strong advantage of being available at a high end grocer I pass on the way home as opposed to requiring mail order so we eat it more often. And of course you need to be in the mood for very thick cut.

Still haven’t tried Bentons to the best of my recollection. I’ll have to remedy that.

Smokey? Salty? Funky? Sweet?

My house bacon. Wonderful stuff.

Love the North Country, but every time Paul has his bacon palooza, I always slightly prefer the Vande Rose. So ticked Fairway stopped carrying it. Haven’t been able to find it locally since.

My local market has it pretty often (the same one that carries the Peter Luger). Let me know if you’d like me to pick some up the next time I’ll be seeing you.

areal these alternatives as thick as the Luger?

About 2.5 ounces per slice?

No. The North Country, Vande Rose and Lugers are all 12 oz packages, but while the Lugers is generally 5-6 slices per package, the other two are typically 10-11 slices. However, that does make it a little thicker than “normal” sliced bacon.

Btw, timely thread. My Fairway just put them on sale for $5.99 a package.

Much of the pleasure of Peter Luger is in the texture. You bite down on the slightly sweet, crisp, bacon, then there is a layer of more giving, softer meat. The thinner bacon has just the one texture and it may be great, perhaps even better than Luger, but not having that textural mouth feel diminishes the pleasure.

I’m lucky in that I live across the street from Schaller & Weber and they’ll custom cut your bacon to whatever thickness you want.