Periodic Table of Meats

Eat you hearts out (no pun intended) Science Guys!!

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flirtysmile So glad they got Pastrami in there.
Will be re-posting if that’s OK.


Steve, let’s hit that place again next Berserkerfest! [berserker.gif]

We’re there girl! flirtysmile

Funny. At least they got the #1 element right… sea food department is seriously lacking, though.

75 & 79 [barf.gif]

96…WTF is that?

They have bacon in the “noble meats” category, but the noble meats should only occupy the right hand column. newhere

Yes, they should have put bacon in its own special category called “ties the substance of the universe together”.

No offal? sloppy joe=noble? [scratch.gif]

"# 75 & 79

96…WTF is that?"

Pigs feet are DE-LISH!

“Bush Meat” is Brit for game, no?

Salisbury steak I will not comment on…


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