Per Se Yikes!

Seems the pricey establishment had a run in with Health Inspectors recently. Considering the prices they charge, I’d be a little upset if I was a customer.

Yay. I get to take two shots in two days at news media. Another feather in Yahoo’s cap. Nevermind food inspectors, perhaps just doing their jobs, perhaps not. But is going to the dogs.

How many of us have been backstage at Per Se? I’d probably feel as sanitary eating off the floor at Per Se as at a table at the next place up Broadway that has an “A” posted in the front window.

This is almost certainly just stupid.
Unless you’re a news agency.

Ridiculous video. Why compare yelp reviews to a health inspector report? Absolutely no connection.

agreed. 100%.

The health inspector is getting revenge for French Laundry’s obsene corkage fee increase :slight_smile:

The style of the Yahoo thing is dumb. But the violations are the violations. A number of the 42 violation “points” are undoubtedly nit-picks as they often are. But one doesn’t get that many, and that many large violations, with a squeaky clean ship. Stuff like food temp or preparer’s contamination can get one sick no matter how sleak the room and kitchen seem.

Yes not holding food at 140 degrees. [shock.gif] Terrible crime.

Can’t wait to go there and get some Waygu cooked to 140. Ridiculous assertions.


So a prep cook had a glass of water while he was cutting vegetables and they had points deducted ? Hahahaha

tobacco use… that’s kinda gross
i think it’s common, but still - gross…

No not common and not what they said I believe. The violation fell under a code that included that language. I guarantee Keller would never allow that.

I wonder where sous vide came into play. I would think that a lot of things aren’t held at 140 degrees. I, like many here, have been in the kitchen at Per Se and French Laundry and can’t imagine a cleaner operation.

Typically there are different temp rules for different foods. Around here I think beef, once cooked, is supposed to be 130. 140 would apply to other things like eggs or chicken.

Maybe I’m crazy. I’m happy to let Per Se set their own rules if they’re willing to suffer through this stuff.

This, I might add, from someone who has actually been terribly ill at Per Se. Might be the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t have been better cared for. Was probably the last time I took pen to paper to write a thank you letter.

I actually have a more critical take on the violations. First, Per Se knows the rules and if they violate them, they deserve to get a C grade. Somehow, Daniel, Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin all operate under the same rules, their food is phenomenal, and they aren’t getting C grades. Finally, as to the sous vide comment, if a restaurant wants to do sous vide, they can get a special permit (not sure if that is the technically correct word) to do so and its no violation.

Knowing the rules, what are they doing wrong to get a C? How come the other Michelin *** or NYT 4 star places serve great food and get an A?

We may never hear about it publicly, but you can rest assured somebody will be fired over this. I’m sure Keller is not pleased.

I agree with all of this, per se. But I’m still not worried about being “safe” to eat there, which is the implication and the fervor.

Having been through many Health Dept. inspections, state & local, there might or might not be more to the story. No one wins an argument with an inspector. The wrong tone or reaction can turn minor issues unto major ones or a 1 hour inspection into a 3 hour inspection. Personalities very often play a large role. Get the wrong inspector when their having a bad day and it can be a long one.

I’m not saying Per Se didn’t do anything wrong. At least it was very careless and I doubt Keller takes it lightly. If this was a re-occurring situation that would concern me. Otherwise, it doesn 't worry me and I ate there this summer and will definitely return.


All I know is that the attention to detail I’ve seen at other Keller establishments makes anything other than a top rating pretty surprising. Like others, I really wonder if there’s more to the story.

So I’d point out two things. First having wildly varied scores is unusual and again I’d want more information. Second one of the violations was not having a hand sink in the food prep area ? that’s kind of weird. You either have it or you don’t right ? That should have been there when they opened. Still let’s wait until the appeal works itself out.

I have zero concern about eating there in terms of technical health violations. My reaction is one of shock that those in charge allowed these technical “errors” to exist.

No health inspector goes to Per Se having a “bad attitude” and dings them. In the battle of who’s more powerful (I’m speaking my opinion) no health inspector takes on Keller on a whim.

I’d be willing to bet that no NYC health inspector gives a damn about Thomas Keller or his reputation.

The hand washing station is odd because if it was flagged on this inspection it should have been flagged in previous inspections. I would have thought it would have been an issue upon the initial inspection upon opening. All food prep areas require a sink at least in Indiana.