Pepiere Trois

Today’s Crush Wine Co. e-mail alerted me to this intriguing new Pepiere Muscadet cuvee. Like many others, I’ve been a huge fan of Pepiere’s wines, but I was not previously aware of the “Trois.”

Have any of you tried it?

Never heard of it… but the 2005 shows up in CT/GrapeStories… though with no reviews… .

It sounds from Crush’s email like they are the first retailer to offer it, and certainly like the 2005 is the first vintage. Maybe someone in NYC has had a taste?

For anyone without the email, this is like the Granite de Clisson+. 36 months on the lees instead of 24 and then another 2 years in bottle.

The only person I know who’s had it said “Not sure I’d go with the full hype of the Crush newsletter, but it’s very interesting wine”

That’s what I got from the e-mail too, but I thought an ITBer on the board may have been given a sneak preview, or someone may have visited the winery.

I picked up a few bottles to try, given how much I enjoyed the other 05 Pepiere wines. But I wonder whether the extended lees aging and added richness may mute some of the electricity that I love most about top-tier Muscadet. Or maybe it will take the wines to another level?

As a lover of Muscadet (especially, Pepiere) i went in for a 6-pack.

For $22 per bottle, I know at the very worst I have a VERY good white quaffer. My suspicion, however, is that I’m gonna get much more than that.

Please report back.

We had a Luneau-Papin 2005 that was aged 42 months sur lie last month when we visited there. It was exotic and interesting - not sure I’d call it “quaffable” though.

I heard from a trusted source that said they were not sure if the acid could handle the richness. But he also said it could down the road, but right now is indecisive.

Sounds like we need to pop these as soon as they arrive–too much hearsay going on.

I’ve tasted it in February with Marc Ollivier at the Salon in Angers; it’s delicious. 2.5 g/l residual sugar, bright and lively. Not up to the quality level of the 2007 Granite de Clisson (which is just stunning), but lovely stuff all the same. It would certainly be a ‘buy’ for me - not easy wines to get hold of in the UK though.