Pentacle Herbs, Aromatic Bitters SOLD OUT, but more FEB22

Hi. I’m a newbie/oldbie. You might know me from The Wine Check that I co-created with Mr. French 11 years ago. With the pandemic and folks not flying as much, and tasting rooms having been largely closed, I had a bit of time on my hands. So I took my mad-passion for botanicals and started an herb and spice company. My first, exclusive, bitters offer is HERE, now.

These aromatic spices were carefully selected from tropical climates to create the mélange: Vietnamese Cinnamon which has the highest concentration of essential oils of any cinnamon in the world; Madagascar Cloves, Vietnamese Star Anise, Orange Peel and Guatemalan Allspice. The sugar was caramelized to threaded perfection. And the dark spiced over-proofed rum’s butterscotch and vanilla bring it all together.

The bitters are rich and layered in complexity, but not strong. If you prefer an “in your face” wine, then these bitters aren’t for you.

They’re 40 days in the making and the first microbatch will ship by next week. FIRST BATCH SOLD OUT LAST NIGHT. Orders placed today will ship February 22.

Thank you for your warm reception and giving a new brand a chance. I’m so excited to be doing what I love and hope you will keep coming back for more.

$28 and free shipping (only available in US). Island Spice Aromatic Bitters, 2oz.

“Mr. French”? You started a business with my dad???

Well, he is faster on the 10key than you. :slight_smile:

Very interesting. I have a couple of questions:

  1. What type of cocktails would you suggest?
  2. Is the rum flavor front and center?
  3. How long do the bitters keep their strength after opened?

He’s faster at the 10-key than anyone, or used to be!

These bitters are beautifully aromatic - more so than any others I have other than if it has rose hips or something super strong in it (that I don’t quite like, as it takes over) - the bitters don’t change the overall flavor as much as it introduces some gorgeous aromatics to the cocktail

  1. I’ve put them with several different shrubs, actually switchels as they weren’t fermented. Cranberry spice shrub, Quince and cinnamon-basil shrub, Blood orange shrub, Lemon, etc. Several recipes on the website. I’ve used vodka, tequila and rum. I believe Todd has mixed them with scotch or bourbon? I’ll ask him to report…

  2. No, rather, I find a warm, caramel-y spice, front and center on the nose. Drinking straight, the rum is obviously discernable but I have not found it dominant in mixed drinks.

  3. I suspect the shelf life to be a year as is my experience with similarly made bitters.

Todd, can you speak to Patrick’s question about suggested cocktails?

Just grabbed two! I love great bitters. Also, love the entrepreneurial spirit!!!

Fantastic, Charlie! Hope you love them as much as I do. [cheers.gif]

I just bought a bottle. It sounds so interesting, I couldn’t resist.

Thank you!

Your dad was a butler?

In for a couple, I am excited!

I saw someone mention this in a “what did you buy” thread or I would have missed it.

Lucky me!

I wish you much success!

Thank you, team new and old wine friends! Know that I do this with crazy-love. Hope you can taste it!

Heavy on the ‘crazy’ neener

In for one of these. Relatively new to the cocktail/mixed drink thing, but this looks like a great product to experiment with. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Watch out or I’ll name a bitter after you. I mean just look at this face!

Hey Shawnda, grabbed a couple of these, one for us and one for a friend that is big in cocktails.
Best wishes to your new venture and to you. Cheers!

Thanks, Mike! I know you’re no stranger to women with mad-love for botanicals. champagne.gif

When I told my family about what I have been finding, this got the greatest “Oooh!” response!

Looking forward to it.

Love hearing it! They’re great in coffee, too. “Captains Coffee” as we say on a boat. I’m pretty sure a real berserker would drink their coffee this way. [berserker.gif]