Penne Arrabiatta with Italian Lamb Sausage and Charbono

Tonight’s dinner was Shepherd’s Lamb Sausage with Italian Seasoning in Rao’s Arrabiatta Sauce with added garlic on Penne Rigate. All was enjoyed with an interesting 1993 Bayview Cellars Charbono Napa Valley - nice dark fruits; adequate acidity, resolved tannins, with a medium dark fruit finish. Then we finished with a ripe Comice pear sliced with ‘La Vielle Prune’ plum brandy. It made a nice finish to an enjoyable meal.

you realize that you have me glued to your posts, it would help if you could post your weekly menu ahead of time, so I can prepare [snort.gif]

I don’t have a weekly menu. We decide each meal sometime during the day of the meal. There is no planning ahead. There never has been. When we were both working, I’d stop on the way home and get meat or seafood and a veggie for dinner.

oh the pain that you are inflicting on me, come to NY so we can have a cook off [cheers.gif]

A better idea is that you come to Santa Fe and be a guest at one of our group ‘Battle’ dinners. if you agree, I’ll let you know when the the nest ones are.

We also have a nice guest bedroom, with a private bathroom. You are welcome to it for your visit.