Penne alla Vodka with Shrimp & Tablas Creek Vermentino

Tonight’s supper was shrimp sautéed in Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and seasoned with granulate garlic, thyme, SI salad herbs, & chervil; in Rao’s Vodka sauce on Penne Rigate. Wine was a a 2005 Tablas Creek Vermentino- nice rich white & yellow fruits, good acidity, and a medium long fruity, acidic finish. The wine was almost perfect with the the pasta.

Then to finish we had for dessert a 2000 Boeger Eldorado Zinfandel with WF Deluxe Mixed Nuts, TJ’s "Jumbo Raisin Medley, and Gloucester, Stilton, and Affinois Goat Brie cheeses. The rich dark berry fruit of the Zin was very good with the raisins, nuts, and cheeses.

man, does all that sound good! Gloucester is so tasty … especially Double Gloucester!!! flirtysmile

TCs vermentino has some serious bite. It could shred a beurre blanc, let alone a vodka sauce. Wondered what some time would do with it.

Granulated? [smileyvault-ban.gif]