Peking Duck House midtown

Is this the same outfit as the one on Mott Street? Same quality?

It has been forever since I have had peking duck

Yep. Same owners.

Victor can get you a deal…if you care.

Can he insure the duck is duck, and not some other avian creature more common to Manhattan?


Noo Yawk Duk is one of a kind. Very very special. You like very much. Yes.

Same owners, quality is very variable. My last 3 visits were disappointing but it’s gone through some very good periods.

I greatly prefer the peking duck at Pings in Chinatown.

There is a joint near my home that was (and probably still is) famous for their duck. It used to be phenomenal. During Bush 1 and Clinton, it was the place for duck. Pictures of every major political figure on the wall.

It is so bad these days that it is depressing to think about. I stopped going, and have not found a decent place to replace it; DC’s food scene is amazing but this is a gaping hole.

When I was basically living in lower Manhattan a few years ago on a case, I would go regularly to the Peking Duck House on Mott Street, and I miss it. This is going to be fun!

Chinatown is not an option and neither is Mott Street. This is a 5:00 pre-theater dinner for a 7:00 curtain (when did they move mid-week performances to 7?)

Same owners for both places, the midtown one being especially white-ified.
If you tip us generously, I will promise an on-time meal, including a real duck.
But you also have to guess which person am I.