Pear cake with grappa sauce

Tried this at Al Covo in Venice last year and made at home last night. Got the recipe from Faith Willinger’s travelogue/cookbook “Adventures of an Italian Food Lover”. Little bit of work but worth it. Here is a similar recipe, but not exact as I couldn’t find her version online (very close though, biggest difference is use 3 pears instead of one and use prunes instead of raisins). Very adult dessert with the grappa. I used a Barolo Grappa that I brought back from Ghiffa this last fall." onclick=";return false;

Sounds good but quite sweet. i think I’d rather have a ripe comice or bosc pear and a couple glasses of grappa.

Yes i do have a sweet tooth, but I did cut back on their sugar measurements a little and it was quite good. The sauce is quite decadent to say the least.