Paumanok (Long Island Winery) Instagram Live

They do make some fine wines .

Join us this Sunday, May 17 at 11 AM on Instagram Live as winemaker Kareem Massoud interviews his parents, Paumanok founders and proprietors, Charles & Ursula Massoud. This will be the first in a series of interviews going back to Paumanok’s inception and through the years.

Find us on Instagram @paumanokvineyards

I just saw that on their Instagram feed.

Love Paumanok. Hope they are weathering this ok.

I have to think this shutdown is especially rough on LI wineries given how dependent most are on tasting rooms and events.

Love their wines, Charles, Ursula and Kareem are really nice people…I go back a number of years with Charles and we celebrated my birthday 2016 with a tasting at the winery with Charles…

Perhaps they would be best served by posting here a bit more often. If I was a winemaker/winery I sure would.