Patricia Green Cellars Berserker Packages

We are offering three different packages. There is a different sort of focus to each one and the wines are all quite different from each other so there is a bit of something for anyone and everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Please note we also have a very cool package in the Auction Section.

Durant Vineyard Block Designation Package

2 bottles each of 2013 Durant Vineyard, Bishop Block Pinot Noir and 2013 Durant Vineyard, Madrone Block Pinot Noir. Durant Vineyard is a special vineyard located midway up Breyman Orchard in the Dundee Hills. The Bishop Block is the original planting of the site done back in 1973. This block is Pommard and is classic, old-vine Dundee Hills Pinot with incredible texture carrying the day. The Madrone Block is a 2000 planting of Dijon 115 and has deep, dark, sweet fruit that makes it unique and highly enjoyable even in its relative youth.

These wines are regularly $48 and $36 each but for the Berserker Day the 4-pack will be $130 with UPS ground shipping included.

Great Wine, Great Score, Great Price

Limited Offering!

6 bottles of the 2013 Freedom Hill Vineyard Dijon 115 Clone Pinot Noir. Freedom Hill Vineyard is certainly one of the top vineyards in the state of Oregon and has been designated on bottlings by several wineries dating back into the mid-1980s. Freedom Hill is known for darkly fruited wines with powerful structures to them that are compelling in their youth and incredibly age-worthy. This is one of my favorite wines we make. This comes with a high level of whole cluster fermentation (60%) giving the wine beautiful aromatics, savory notes on the palate, concentration of dark fruits and a deep, vivid structure that draws everything toward the back of the wine. And…if you don’t believe me here is the recent review from The International Wine Cellar:

“Dark red. Powerful cherry, raspberry and Asian spice aromas are complicated by mocha and fresh flowers. Fleshy red and dark berry liqueur flavors turn spicier and livelier with air, showing impressive clarity thanks to a bright mineral quality. Finishes silky and sweet, with excellent persistence and an echo of juicy raspberry. 93 points.”

This wine retails at $44. For Berserker Day the 6-pack of this will be $175 with UPS ground shipping included.

Bottle Aged Pinots

1 bottle each of the 2004, 2007 and 2008 Reserve Pinot Noir. We just re-tasted these wines from our library and they are all in more than fine shape. The 2004 is in a wonderful spot right now, the 2007 is a perfect example of a shitty wine from this shitty vintage and the 2008 is, well, still a little tight and a little funky but has great material buried underneath its rougher exterior. While these are our “entry level” Pinots they are all polished wines that are expressive of Oregon and our winery. We never kept a large library of the Reserve bottling so this is a somewhat limited offering.

Forty 3-packs are available.

Berserker Day offer is $80 with UPS ground shipping included.

As many of you will/have/do experience, wines will be arranged to be shipped at your convenience but within the context of weather related phenomena. Basically if you live outside Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona you are likely going to have to wait a bit for shipping. Other arrangements for shipping beyond UPS ground may require an additional expense.

To order please go to our website at click on Buy Our Wine. Once that page opens click on Berserker Packages.

Enter the Limited Access Code Berserker to purchase.

For ordering help please call the winery at (503) 554-0821. For further information or questions outside of the information exchange of ordering contact me (Jim Anderson) directly at

Website asking for “Limited Offer Code”. Did I miss it somewhere?

Sorry. I changed the post just now.

Limited Access code is, of course, Berserker.

This is about to be the first offer I purchase. PG wines are always good value for money and delicious too. Thank you Jim, for making this possible.

The Link at the bottom of your page, under your name, Patricia Green Cellars didn’t work for me, returned HTTP Error 404 Page Not Found. It was trying to go here:

The link to the website or the link to my email address? Seems other people have used the link. Just go to and click on Buy Our Wines and it should be easy from there.

Does the 15% case discount apply to BD orders as well?

Re: the site: I’m not able to order using FF 34.0.5. There appears to be scripting issues my browser and security are quite unhappy with, including password reset.
Had to switch to safari on a mac…

The Berserker packages are as listed. Discounted already. If you have trouble with the site call Margaret or Melissa at 503-554-0821 and they will take care of you.

My first ever Berserker Day purchase (I went for the Durant Vineyard Block Designation Package) - thanks Jim!

no issues for me. worked perfectly!

Great offers - thanks Jim!

In for the Bottle Aged!

Good job. I bet those are gone fast. The 2004 we tasted last week was in prime shape.

I got two packs. Cannot resist PGC!

Thanks, excited to give this a try!

In for two Bottle Aged packs! Thanks, Jim!

Great minds think alike!!

hard to believe they aren’t sold out.

Close to sold out. I think there are way more non-subscribers. They will be gone very quickly tomorrow if not finished up by later today.

I did my part to encourage the non-subscribers to change their status with a Bottle Aged pack.