Patricia Green - 3-pack Specials (shipping included!)

Patricia Green Cellars

I LOVE this offer, so I’m listing it early (and I already reserved some for myself because I don’t have time to order today! It’s all about YOU folks today flirtysmile )

3-pack 2009 Vintage Winemaker Clonal Selections - $75 shipping included
Olenik Vineyard
Whistling Ridge Vineyard
Bishop Creek Vineyard
Personal favorites from the vintage all from vines planted between 1988-1991. Aromatic and balanced wines from a uniquely beautiful vintage. The Olenik is Wadensvil, the Whistling Ridge is Pommard and the Bishop Creek is made up of half of each.

2008-2010 Ana Vineyard 3-bottle Vertical - $100 shipping included
A beautiful representation of Dundee Hills Pinot Noir. Always one of our most aromatic, textured and lengthy wines. Made from Pommard clone vines planted in 1978.

2007-2009 Estate Vineyard Etzel Block 3-bottle Vertical - $115 shipping included
Three bottles from distinct vintages including the Berserker fave…the shitty 2007 vintage! A small block selection of north and northwest sloping vines planted in 1986 named to honor our next door neighbor which this blocks directly faces.

Half Bottle Bargain; 6 x 375mL 2008 Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir - $90 shipping included
The years we bottle wines in half bottles none of our distributors want them. The years we don’t, they all want them. This, for some reason, was one of the years they didn’t.
Great bottle of Ribbon Ridge styled Pinot Noir from a classic vintage. Small format allows for a little earlier drinking although aging won’t be a bad thing at all.

Order: email pgcwinery at with which package(s) they want, quantity(-ies), pertinent shipping addresses, contact information and CC. Or, call 503-554-0821

[thankyou.gif] Got the CC warmed up on that one!

Email sent. I’m in for the 3 pack of Clonal.

Yeah, I reserved some of those half bottles…

love the 375s !!!

but email not recongnized

I’ve sent Jim a PM

Wow, did they really ask us to send our credit card information over an unencrypted email? While you’re all getting your credit cards warmed up, I’m getting my packet sniffer warmed up… gonna be ordering me a car later! :wink:


mine got through without a return - I sent to :

curious, on the halfs, what is “Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir”? In CT it looks like there are a number of “Estate Vineyard” designations? (e.g. Old Vine, Etzel, etc…)

Great offerings!!! Nice way to start the day!

I’m an internet dummy. i assume what i just did was dangerous. anyone else? Shoot - i guess i will call next time.

I told them that I would call with my CC info, as I didn’t feel comfortable sending it over email.

Yeah - call.

There are:

Estate Vineyard
Estate Vineyard Old Vine
Estate Vineyard Etzel Block

You’ll be getting the first.

I bit on the Ana vertical. New to Patricia Green so hopefully these will be a good intro.

Ordered a 3-pack of the Ana’s. I’ve never tried these and am looking forward to them!

Hi folks. You can call. I just got in.

The Estate Vineyard bottling consists of sections of the vineyard planted between 1997-2001. Clonal make-up is predominantly Pommard but Dijon 114, Wadensvil and a bit of Dijon 777 round it out. Tends towards being rich in fruit and dense in structure.

The Etzel Block is a specific North/Northwest sloping part of the vineyard (it rolls down to Beaux Freres Vineyard, hence the moniker). This is 1986 and sometimes 1987 planting of Pommard. Elegant and very, very minerally with lots of crunchy red fruit. My favorite bottling from the site.

If you have questions just give a call. I am here or Melissa Groshong (who essentially runs this part of my life) will help you out.

Freakin’ winemakers getting up at the crack of noon. Sheesh.

This is starting to get expensive… [drinkers.gif]

Jay Somers and his wife made us go out to 3 Doors Down last night and drink copious amounts.