Pat Fegan RIP

I never met Mr. Fegan,

He was old school Chicago, always go to the basement at Sam’s

This sucks.



It does suck. I met him in the early '70’s at, then, Geja’s Wine & Cheese Bar…or some such.
I liked him because of his very down-to-earth take on wine. Quite a loss for those Chicago folks.

Well this sucks. When I first started getting into wine I went and saw him to discuss classes. After a little talk he told me to jump to his advanced classes. He had a great style that made the classes fun and easy to learn. I’d see him years later and he always came over and spoke remembering me. Too bad more wine professionals aren’t like him.

A great guy.

Oh my god. I worked with Patrick in the mid 1980s. He used to work part time at the Sandburg Wine Cellar when I was there. He was wonderfully eccentric, used to type his articles for the local rags naked back then, figuring it was the best way to let all his creative juices flow.

RIP Patrick - you turned a generation of Chicagoans into wine nerds -

Very sad news, indeed, and a great loss. His columns for Chicago Magazine and the Trib in the 70’s and 80’s were some of the best wine writing being done in those “early” days of the wine biz. And of course the Chicago Wine School was an institution.

Pat and I had been friends since the early 1970’s and had more than a few adventures visiting various wine regions in France. Most importantly, he was responsible for my meeting the woman who became the love of my life. He will be missed.

Sandberg was fun. I didn’t know you worked there. The naked part I have to try to forget. RIP Patrick

RIP. I took several classes from him back in the day. Always enjoyable…and educational!

I was the Wine Director there from 84-87. My kids were born there. Took over for Siggy when he retired. An unbelievable experience. A million dollar Bordeaux inventory, close to that from Germany. And Patrick used to work an occasional weekend.

I’m sure we met. I spent a lot of time near the Village when my brother-in-law lived nearby in exactly the time period you were there

Pat seemed to always fine the best qualities in a wine, or person, no matter how few, or how many those qualities were. What a generous and gracious gentleman. I’m hoping Heaven is wired for him to read his many tributes.