interesting site:
Just got my order, both black Silkies and spatchcocked birds, all organic free range. Gonna braise the black silkie with a coconut milk, curry, ginger, lemongrass recipe I found. Interesting to try.

if you’re ever interested in fresh black silkie, quite a few spots in san gabriel valley have them. I think it’s $10-15 each.

that’s way cheaper. Have you cooked one? I guess the meat is black as well as the skin.

99 ranch here in Jersey City carries them so I’d guess the CA branches might as well.

I keep looking at them and meaning to find some recipes. I like the Bobo chickens for roasting but the silkies seem to small for that treatment.

Yah 99 has them for sure. But the poultry butchers have freshly slaughtered ones.

I haven’t cooked one personally but grew up eating them soups my mom and grandmother would make when we were sick.

cooked it. Not impressed. Bird was scrawny. Breasts weren’t even A cup. Meh. Will try the regular bird soon.