Pasta Makers

Anyone have good recommendations for a good quality pasta maker? The wife would like one for xmas and has looked at the Kitchenaid version but I’m curious if the hand crank versions are better.


Either way works, and does the same job, but you have to either be really quick or have an extra pair of hands if you use the Kitchen-Aid attachment. To me, though I don’t usually make pasta because of ready availability of high-quality pasta locally, there’s something satisfying about hand-cranking the machine. It’s more “authentic”.

Of course, there’s something satisfying about making pasta to begin with, so I guess I should make some.

The KitchenAid rollers work really well. Some prefer the quaintness (or whatever) of the hand-cranked rollers, but I gave mine away after getting the KitchenAid set. The KitchenAid is much faster, and it’s nice to be able to use two hands to handle the pasta dough as it comes out.

I guess I have never rolled pasta with my KA… but that doesnt sound like a bad idea. I use the Atlas hand roller. Its ok… but you have to bolt that sucker down and some times it come loose.


Another vote for the Kitchen Aid attachments. I love mine and gave away my Atlas too.

i read online that the KA units couldnt be washed with water, is this an issue at all?

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What Bob said. (at least the first part)

I have a hand crank machine and love it. I would not even think of the KA attachment for my newly purchase 5 qt HD machine.

I have the Imperia 150

Hi Steve,

None of the pasta rollers can be washed. You just brush them off with a soft brush. I did this with my Atlas for 10 years and have been doing it with the Kitchen Aid for the past 2.

I much prefer the hand-crank machines over the KA attachment. I use one of these machines and love the ability to make single sheets of pasta wide enough for a large lasagna. I rarely cut the pasta using the built-in cutters but they do work well enough, I either use a chitarra or hand cut. For stuffed pastas I either use a ravioli rolling pin or make them by hand.

I have had the Kitchaid attachments for 6 months and can say, easy to use and makes great reliable pasta. One hour from start until serving.

My favorite pasta makers:

I have a kitchen aid that is always sitting on the counter, so three years ago with a New Year’s resolution to get into the habit of making pasta I figured I would start out by trying the KA attachment. Success! I probably make pasta about 20 times/year. It is easy and relatively fast. Very satisfying. There are times I wish for a wider roller, but I have learned to work with the KA well enough.