Part 2: A safe gathering of 4 on the rooftop with appetizers, 08` Charles Heidsieck 15`PYCM La Chateniere 07`Caymus SS

Having had a very successful outing on or rooftop with our first attempt to socialize intelligently with friends, we replicated the event with another couple about a week later.

We maintained some of the COVID-19 suggestions providing a safe, clean and distanced environment while enjoying some fine wine and appetizers on our rooftop where we can easily create such, choosing to do so in the early evening hours while being able to breath fresh air while taking in ocean, mountain and city views and the magic of a pre and post sunset. We were blessed with a stellar, blue bird kind of day with temps in the mid 70s and recent sundowner winds subsiding putting a happy face on our umbrellas.

The wines were selected based upon our guests preferences, prepared properly and using appropriate stemware for serving. They consisted of:

2008 CHARLES HEIDSIECK BRUT MILLESIME- 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay; disgorged February 2019 with 8 gpl dosage; this was the first of a few bottles I purchased and I wasn’t sure what to expect and then once tasted, I was surprised to discover it had a streak of pepper and hazelnut running though it much like that which I’ve experienced in its sister house, Piper-Heidsieck; I wondered what Champagne Charlie would think of this? Following its yellow gold color, came aromas of the aforementioned pepper and hazelnut along with fresh citrus and caramel; the taste profile had all of this and the citrus now is more distinct lemongrass, lime and orange zest with some apple and pear blending in as well; it had a lovely mousse, was full bodied, rich and delicious; but hold the hazelnut and pepper please.

2015 PIERRE-YVES COLIN-MOREY LA CHATENIERE SAINT-AUBIN 1er Cru- this was absolutely fabulous from the nose through the tail; it had a medium yellow color and that’s where “medium” stopped as the aromatics and taste profile were redolent of super pleasing fruit, minerals and oak spices with lemon oil, Golden Delicious apple and lime most prevalent; the incredible mouthfeel served to support a long, sustained finish and ensuing smiles.

2007 CAYMUS SPECIAL SELECT CABERNET SAUVIGNON NAPA- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon; decanted 4 hours ahead of serving; I think we caught this at its earliest drinking window time where it just exuded class, royalty and potential greatness throughout; it was fully loaded and graciously giving of its treasures in spades; this has so much depth and complexity with layer after layer unfolding during the time it travels from the front of the palate to the back end; cedar, leather and dark chocolate accent the super ripe blackberry, black currant, plum and black cherry fruit; as big as it is now, it is close to being in an ideal state of balance; this is a big time new world Cab and the next ideal time to visit it would be in a decade or so, if one can wait.

We had such a lovely evening with good people. All agreed, this was doable while maintaining safe and healthy parameters. In my mind, enjoying life and sharing it with others is a health enhancing choice and we will be better off as a result, especially at this time when positiver thoughts and feelings are paramount to an efficiently functioning immune system. Next couple up.