Parker Sake Rankings

the Parker Sake Rankings referenced here:

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Did he come up with an alternative to “hedonistic fruit bomb” as a descriptor for these? I think sake might tax his tasting and vocabulary skills.

Reviews by Liwen Hao

Send me a PM with the sake producers that you’re interested in. There are 78 listings, with ratings between 90 - 98.

I guess this is predictable but it’s sad to see the list so Junmai Daiginjo heavy. Very few alternative rice strains, unpasteurized sake or Yamahai method.

I guess it accomplishes it’s goal though, a reason for brewers to charge more.

So, why are these being reviewed by someone Chinese and not Japanese? Based on market, the Chinese buy only a tiny bit of Sake.

The fact that he is Chinese somehow makes him unfit and unqualified? You mean, like, bordeaux shouldn’t be reviewed by a Brit? Or Italian wines by an American? They have an extra-terrestrial reviewing Portugal. What is your point?

Uh, maybe because of personal connection (just a guess based on instinct) and lack of understanding of Sake, how it’s made by whom, and its market intricacies? Think he needs a Rosetta Stone, and those of us with sense not look towards Parker as someone whose opinions on Sake are worth jack…

  1. Parker isn’t reviewing sake

  2. The idea that only someone of a given race or nationality can “understand” or review a wine is frankly outrageous.

On that basis, unless you are one of the very rare (I assume) ethnic Japanese “Daves,” I can only assume that you have no connection or understanding of sake either

Dave’s been in Tokyo for a long time, I’d trust his opinions over most critics.

How does a “personal connection” or “market intricacies” have any relevance towards rating the product?

I don’t know anything about Liwen Hao or Chinese sake consumption, but to assume he’s unfit to rate sake simply based on his heritage is discriminatory.

Yeah, but is he Chinese? newhere

No. Besides, he lives in Japan.

And knows a lot about sake.

Dave and Neal weren’t actually disagreeing though. I think they’d get along.


My point wasn’t that he was or wasn’t Chinese. There is a lot more Sake consumed in places other than China. The Chinese, in general do not like Sake or for that matter, anything Japanese so this was a bit surprising.

Poor Squires. Attacked when he had nothing to do with the sake run.

One of the world’s most knowledgeable Sake experts is John Gauntner. He’s lived in Kamakura, Japan for many years, has written some very helpful books and has an informative website as well.

There are about 50-100 Sake sommeliers around the world. And many of them are excellent writers. Parker could have picked any of them but went with someone who isn’t even on the radar. Speaks to the relevance of Parker publications IMHO.

The decision to include sake reviews – by this guy or any other – in TWA seems very odd. It isn’t wine, it shares nothing in common with the other beverages reviewed by the publication, and it is as far afield from TWA’s areas of historic expertise as any alcoholic drink I can think of. I suspect it is just one more effort by the new owners to improve their market presence in Asia. I am far too ignorant on the subject to know whether this guy is the right guy to do that – his bio certainly suggests that he has experience in the field of wine, but says nothing at all about sake – but frankly I could not possible care less.