Paris with kids?

I’m taking the family for a few days soon and wondering if there are any board recommendations for family friendly restaurants that also have great (preferably non natural ) wine lists?

How old are your kids?

We were in Paris in 2011 with our two kids who were 9 and 7 at the time. Obviously a lot has changed in 9 years. We didn’t eat at any Michelin places, but we ate well…Willi’s Wine Bar, L’Ami Jean, La Regelade, Cafe Constant, etc.

My kids were well behaved, but still, we made it a point to eat on the earlier side so we didn’t annoy anyone who doesn’t feel like dining near kids. And we were out of the restaurants in time for them to turn the table and we still had enough time for a walk or activity before the kids went to bed. At night we did the Eiffel Tower, the Batauex Mouche, etc.

Again, it all depends on how old your kids are and what they are willing to tolerate. We made it a point to do one cultural thing (museum, site seeing) and then one “activity” like the trampolines in the tuilleries or going on a macaroon tour (pierre herme, etc.).

Thank you Mike
6-16 are their ages. I read good things about L’Ami Jean in another thread. May try that. I liked your suggestions about managing time.

This was basically exactly how we did Paris with our kids. We didn’t go to any “great wine list” places with them, but we had very enjoyable meals with kids at Le Comptoir, Breizh Cafe, L’Ami Jean, and Astier. The kids were also obsessed – and rightly so – with everything Pierre Herme.


We are in Paris ~3 months of the year throughout the year. We have young children. They’ve been going to restaurants in Paris since they were 4 or so.
We have, to my memory, never had a single issue with them in any restaurant. We wouldn’t take them to a 3 star necessarily, but they have been often to 1 & 2 stars, as well as everything under.
My oldest son learned to eat everything on a tasting menu compliments of Guillaume Guedj at Passage 53, who absolutely refused to treat children 6 and over differently than adults. And Guillaume was right (as well as being a terrific human being).

My 5 year old loves authentic French cuisine, such as cuisses de grenouille, escargot, etc.

I would take your children anywhere you want to eat and not worry for a second about disturbing anyone. The French love children. That way you give them a real taste of Paris. Just bring a phone with a movie for when they get tired.

Ice cream on Ile Saint-Louis at Maison Berthillon.

Dinner at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte for steak frites.

Ferris wheel at Tuileries or Hotel De Ville or St Paul.

Ride bikes on the riverside bike path (right bank of the Seine).

Took our then 6 and 7 year old daughters to paris 7 years ago. We found a great hotel to stay in with connecting rooms just off the rue de rivoli and that made it easy just to walk pretty much everywhere with them. We ate at the jules verne restaurant in the eiffel tower which was the first really nice restaurant they’d ever been to. Both turned their noses up at the seared foie gras starters but then immediately changed their minds after the first bite and devoured the rest like starving wolves. We focused on just walking and seeing the city more than dragging them around lots of museums.

Thank you all for the tips

Excellent advice. My kids still talk about Berthillon. Go to the original.

Luxembourg Gardens is also lovely with kids.

No restaurant recs, but this was the most fun thing we did with our two kids (13 and 16 at the time, not sure how a 6 your old would do):