Paris wine stores

going Mar-Apr, one week w wife and second week w kids joining us. Looking for a list of wine stores that may be interesting. Burgundies and champagne especially. No nat wines.

La Dernière Goutte:

Great store, run by expats. Very good selection, plenty of Burgundies if I recall correctly. In the heart of the 6th.

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Bacchus et Ariane @ Marche Saint-Germain de Pres

Bacchus et Ariane
Les caves du Panthéon (174 rue Saint Jacques 75005)
Cave Barberon (16 Rue Pascal 75005): decent prices on 5-10 years old Burgundy
Cave Bossetti (34, rue des Archives 75004)
Les caprices de l’instant (12 Rue Jacques Cœur, 75004): mature Bourgognes at (mostly) good prices


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Bookmarking for future reference.

Lots of good suggestions for wine here, but you may also want to check out some other adult-beverage related places;

Paris Saint Biere sells a lot of amazing beer you can’t find in the US, including overpriced Westvleteren:

La Maison du Whisky sells a lot of export only, hard to find US whisky:


l’Ambassade de Bourgogne. rue de l’Odéon. very pleasant staff. Only a portion of the stock on view, ask for the list if you notice something of interest.

Vin en Bouche, (6th, Metro: 4 - Saint-Placide) - Store/tasting room with a very curated selection, including a interesting collection of private labeled wines. Small plates and tastings.

I visited this shop several years ago. Neat little place. Temperature control was not so good (i.e.: none) and it was a hot day. I liked the selection.


Caves Auge on Haussmann is worth a stop. Is 150+ yrs old and looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. They have quite a bit of wine stashed downstairs, and picked up a couple of Jamets the last time I was there.

La Carte des Vins in the 11th was a new find last time I was there, and was a recommendation from a somm friend of Michel Abood’s that we randomly ran into at lunch at Les Enfants. Picked up some PYCM and Agrapart.

For whatever reason, I never stopped here… but if you do, see Troy’s note re:Maison du Whiskey, which is a block away. Note that there is another MdW over near La Madeleine.

Although the pleasure of browsing physical bottles in a wine shop cannot be denied, don’t overlook the possibility of ordering online and having it shipped. Lots of retailers such as and can have a package of wine delivered to your Paris address 1-2 business days after you order it. As an added bonus it will arrive in a shipper ready to be checked on your flight home. Shipping costs are typically between €0 (provided a certain minimum purchase threshold is met) and €15-20 per case for next day shipping and given those shipping parameters temp control concerns are almost never a concern outside of a few hot months. I live in Paris and although I have some preferred cavistes like this one for daily-drinker type bottles, most of my more collectible bottles are ordered online. That said, it’s not unknown for a caviste to get something like PYCM in stock, which online would sell out in days if not hours.