Paris Wine Storage for 1 week (Monday to Sunday)?

Hoping someone who travels to Paris regularly can impart some knowledge!

Will be in France and Switzerland from May 23-30 and would like to pick up some bottles in Paris from storage & shops, but I’ll be traveling to Bordeaux, Toulouse as well as Geneva/Lausanne mid week before circling back to Paris on a Sunday for an early Monday departure.

It will be logistically difficult to lug a case of wine around to all these different places so I’d love to find a place I can put a case of wine for those days and pick it up on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately most if not all wine shops are closed Sunday afternoon and from what I’ve read online, the lockers at some of the main train stations have 72 hrs max on them. City-Locker is a possible option but they have mixed reviews and can get pricey (100+ euro for 7 days for 1 box).

Does anyone have any other recommendations or suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!

First of all, I’m not sure how conducive the local weather will be like when you’re there. I mean, leaving wines in a public storage such as in train stations that are non-air-conditioned for a few days can be risky.

I understand that Sunday pick up will also pose an issue. I’ve purchased wines before from storage places at 11th/20th Arr and I know that they will be closed on Sundays.

In a few instances, prior to my arrival in Paris, I’ve ordered wines and other stuff from elsewhere in France and had them shipped to the hotels where I will be staying at. Of course, I emailed/called the hotels in advance to make sure that they’re cool with the arrangements and that they will receive the wines and packages and will hold until my arrival.

Thank you! Any specific hotels in Paris you would recommend both for accommodations for your wine and for staying at? This is a lovely idea. I could pick up from the storage and drop off in person as well and see them on Sunday for my check-in.

My wife always book our Paris vacation stays and we’ve alternated between apartment rentals and different hotels, depending on availabilities, our visit objectives and itineraries.

I would suspect, though, that most hotels would accommodate your wine-holding request. Since you’re starting your trip in Paris, are you not planning on staying in the same hotel upon your return? We’ve done this a few times and left with our hotel a few bags that we don’t want to lug around, without issues.

I’ve left wine in hotels before and after stays lots of times.

Thanks again for the help everyone. Reached to the hotel I wanted to book for my last night in Paris and they’re more than happy to accommodate. Works out beautifully.

Truly appreciated!