Parcel names in larger vineyards?

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Some producers have started identifying specific parcels within vineyards on their labels (e.g. Johannes Selbach labeling the Schmitt, Rotlay, etc). What are your thoughts regarding noting these specific sections of vineyards on labels? Are there any specific sections of your sites that you have considered labeling that way?

I suggest GPS coordinates on the back like (6.9091, 49.8216) ie Trittenheimer Apotheke, just 50 meters above the bridge.

Before the 1971 wine law started, we had numerous more vineyard names in each village. With the 1971 wine law, they lumped together smaller sites to an already existing vineyard name. All the major vineyard names got enlarged that way. A lot of growers are longing for more destinction of the origin of their grapes and start to put the " Lieu-Dit " on the label. I also labelled a Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett for the French Laundry with the Lieu-Dit name “Stablay”. This section of the Graacher Himmelreich is supposed to have the best microclimate in between all Graacher parcels. I hope the German wine law will become more liberal in this respect, because so far it is not allowed to put it on the front label and you are only allowed to do it in a descriptive way on the back label.