Paradigm 2003 Tasting Note

Was going to open this for the board-wide 2003 Cali Cab virtual tasting, but was under weather. Other things got in the way after that, but finally got around to popping this a few nights ago.

This is a very nice wine. My wife and I drank this over two nights with similar showing both nights, although the wine showed slightly better on night two with a bit more mellow finish. Popped and poured night one. Great nose of cassis and dark fruits with a hint of cedar. The flavors are in keeping with the nose, but adding a hint of vanilla and oak. The wine was a fantastic pairing with NY strips. A bit of heat and a little short on the finish keep it from being an extraordinary wine.

Nice note. Welcome aboard.

We need as many cab drinkers as we can get around here… [worship.gif]


I will also say once again that I love Paradigm cabs. I think they might be my top under the radar napa cab producer.

I like these too.

I have a 2005 sitting on my desk at work waiting to be drunk, I mean sampled.

2003 Paradigm Cab was one of my favorite cabs. I bought everything I could find, and drank them all.

love Paradigm. the winemaker has something of a good track record as well…

$55 for an oakville cab by Heidi B? Did this winery forget to raise their prices in 1998? wowsers… might have to try some @ this price


Marilyn and Ren have owned that land for about 40 years. Started making their own stuff in 1990. Heidi has been on board since day 1.

I have urged some there not to waste their time submitting for reviews any longer. The wine is delicious. It sells out every year. Laube and Parker seem to be the only two people that poo poo it. Why bother?

Marilyn and Ren are good people. I have an appointment in October to taste with Ren in the middle of crush. Didn’t have to do that, but he has a commitment to his long time customers… I have been a buyer since the '96 vintage.

HPB has been there since day one and charges very little if anything to consult. Let everyone else pass over them there…more for those in the know.

Great and accomodating people and very nice Cabs. I brought 24 there for a tasting in 1999 and Heidi was there for the festivities.