Panzano, Dario Cecchini

A cold front moved in yesterday on my way from Abruzzo to appointments in Lazio and Umbria. Wasn’t really any big deal, just some wind and a bit of light rain. But tonight, here in Panzano, it’s cold, windy, and the rain is more consistent. It’s at least 20F (wind chill) less than yesterday, so in the low 40s.

That said, I figured it’s a perfect moment to enjoy Dario’s place (the original), with the total tourist count undoubtedly quite low just now; for multiple reasons.

When you phone for a reservation, you are given two choices:
bistecca alla Fiorentina, or other (too lazy to type it out).

The cost is €50, and one can arrive at either 8p, or 830p.

An importer that’s been traveling with me since Sunday will accompany me. I’ll report back as time permits. I’ve yet to decide which bottles I’ll be bringing along, but I’m thinking one Brunello, one Chianti GS single vineyard.

For those that haven’t seen it yet, there’s a special on Netflix (part of a broader series) that’s quite well done, touching, even.

We did Dario’s butcher class followed by lunch a couple of years ago. Felt like a zillion courses. We had leftovers for the next 3 days. Dario was great. Lots of fun and so good! Enjoy dinner!!

was in panzano at his shop and then at a dinner in nyc a few years back that honored him, hosted by batali iirc
great fun and lots of food
japanese tour buses in front of the butcher is what i remember most :wink:

He has recently had a class at the Ojai Valley Inn arranged by Nancy Silverton.

He’s done other dinners arranged by Nancy Silverton, which are reputed to have been good. Some years ago, Dario did back to back dinners in LA. The first night at Valentino was the worst restaurant experience in my memory. The second, at Mozza, was reportedly very good. Fortunately, I’ve been to his shop/restaurant in Panzano, which was very good. The dinner at Valentino wasn’t.