Pangloss Cellars?

I got an email offer today from Pangloss Cellars. Don’t remember signing up. Can someone enlighten me?

Got one too. Don’t remember signing up. Unsubscribed

Pangloss is the second label for Repris. They have a new tasting room in Glen Ellen - adjacent to the Jack London Lodge.

It’s the best of all possible wines…

Pangloss is Audelssa reincarnated - or at least it has the same winemaker (Erich Bradley of Sojourn), same tasting room, and same focus on mountain-sourced fruit. I haven’t tasted any of the wines yet, but the prices are lower than most of what I see coming from Sonoma and Napa these days…

That explains everything. Audelssa stole my name from the Mountain Terraces mailing list so this one makes sense now.


My apologies for the imposition. As Daniel alluded to in his post, Pangloss is a new project with which I am associated. It has assumed the tasting room space in downtown Glen Ellen that was formerly occupied by Audelssa, and is owned and operated by the same people who have owned and operated Audelssa for the past few years…myself included. Pangloss has begun to market its wines to Audelssa customers/mailing list members who we hope are interested in a lineup of wines made by me in small quantities that are intended to deliver an unusually strong value component coupled with real scarcity. Regardless, you were contacted recently because you were in Audelssa’s database at the time of the initial offer. If you have responded to the offer with a request to unsubscribe, then Pangloss and Audelssa will respectfully honor your request, and you won’t hear from us in the future.


I know zero about your specific story, but having been in business and having to deal with public relations for many decades, I’ve learned that it is better to let others defend you than to take to the offense.
Truth, goodness and the American Way will prevail.

P Hickner

Here’s to the best of all possible worlds. champagne.gif

Thanks Peter. Good advice…

I should have unsubscribed from Audelssa when I had the opportunity. Never signed up for their mailer either. My bad.

I’m a fan of Erich’s wines. I’ve already purchased a case of Pangloss.

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…in the best of all possible worlds.


Thanks Bud. Please let me know what you think once you get into your case.


Will do Erich.

I have purchased a mixed 1/2 case and the Pinot was a great wine at a good price. Have not tried the other wines yet. Never met Erich but been fan of his wines at Sojurn, Repris and now Pangloss.

Thanks Jason. Please email or IM me the next time you’re in the neighborhood so we can put names to faces…