Pairing help

Having a blow out dinner with an awesome local
chef that does these at home in WV for 8. Was hoping for some thoughts on pairings.

Coconut Sorbet, Oscietra Caviar

Corn Tofu, Unagi Sauce, Uni, Dashi, Yuzu

Smoked Sweet Potato tarte, Oscietra Caviar

Poultry Liver Mousse, Strawberry, Madeira

Wagyu Tarte, Caviar, Wasabi, Szechuan Jus

Chawanmushi, Dashi, Uni, Wasabi

Gindara, Yuzu Beurre Blanc, Sake Lees, Platinum Caviar

Chicken Flan, Chicken Jus, Mustard Seeds, Chanterelle, Black Truffle

Oxtail, Onion Espuma, Beef Jus, Potato Leaves, White Truffle

Dry Aged Duck, Duck Jus, Butternut squash purée, Sauternes poached apple, black truffle

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu, Beef Jus, Potato Pave, Black Truffle

Wasanbon Gelato, Roasted Persimmon, Black Sugar Syrup, White Truffle

Mont Blanc, Chocolate, Hazelnut

Peanut, Chocolate, Popcorn

Was thinking champagne with first few courses as they are small bites

Then maybe gewurtz for the wagyu and chanwanmushi

Chablis for fish and chicken flan

Cdp for the oxtail and duck

Either an old Bordeaux or I sometimes like an off dry riesling with A5 wagyu

Was going to end with choice of champagne or a beerenauslese riesling.


I’d personally start with champagne. Move to dry Riesling then work up through the pradikats as the meal continues. Offer burgundy from the oxtail to Waygu if you want red.

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Sounds like a great dinner!

You could consider Nebbiolo and/or Pinot from the truffel dishes (chicken to wagyu). And in that set of dishes I would personally put the oxtail at the end.

Would also go with Champagne for the first dishes, Chardonnay or riesling (I’m thinking something with texture to match for the last two before before meat comes into the picture). And for the desserts I wouldn’t know what to do - but maybe port?

Love to hear the update on what you decided for and how they worked out.

Thanks I like both ideas. I have about everything pulled. I’m just going to see how night goes and what people like.

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Desserts are tricky, not sure of the balance of chocolate. (Only 1/3 of listed ingredients). So not sure about port.

Sounds like you’re starting with champagne, so Maybe bookend … finish with a richer higher dosage champagne.

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Think the recs so far are pretty spot on. For me, I’d end with a Tawny Port, should play nice with the hazelnut, peanut, and chocolate. My 2 cents.

Enjoy the dinner, sounds delightful.

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Ended up:

Dropped the corn tofu course as regalis left out of shipment

Cristal 2005 mag for first 4
Toasty, green apple, lemon. Worked

Chawanmushi. Did 89 muller Catoir gewutz. Honey, Apricot, a little oxidized. Not my favorite pairing

Gindara fish dish- 2018 Louis Moreau le clos grand cru chablis. Great pairing perfect Chablis

Chicken flan- Markus molitoe Riesling auslese dry 2018 ockfener bockstein. Nice dry Riesling. Good pairing

Oxtail and Dry aged duck- 2019 roger Sabon le secret.
Worked really well

A5 wagyu- 1982 la mission haut brion. Worked really well. Best wine of night. Was perfect. A little funk on nose. Still some fruit but not much. I’d drink soon

Sweets- did a Selbach bernlasteler badstube 05 beerenauslese

Great night. Also a little George t stagg pre and post

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