Pairing Help: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup and ?

My mother-in-law is making one of her staples tonight - Taiwanese beef noodle soup. It contains large chunks of marinated beef with a pronounced star anise flavor. I think I have paired syrah and/or rhone blends in the past. Any other ideas ?

Best with a taro bubble tea!

I drink a lot of water usually =P. That being said, I’ve enjoyed a nice big Syrah with it, the star anise and pepper tends to overload any other red that i’ve had so far. Also pick out a Gewürztraminer or a Riesling, they both have gone well for me.

I ended up pairing it with an '05 Arcadian Dierberg Pinot Noir. Actually a pretty good pairing. The star anise and the Pinot go quite well together.

how was the beef noodle =P. Have this really great noodle shop next to my family’s home in LA and they make fresh noodles every day with the richest bowl of beef noodle you’ll ever have. DROOL

The beef noodle was excellent. My wife picked up some beef from my favorite local market (Todd’s new favorite as well !), which really added to the flavor. The noodles and broth were very good as well. I get my fill of traditional Taiwanese cooking these two weeks with my in-laws visiting !