paging anyone who has been to ao lately...

am I buying the stagecoach?

i’ve been there recently but didn’t get a taste. i am wondering the same thing, and probably leaning towards buying it.

What is this thread about? [scratch.gif]

No different from the discussions on what 09 burgs to buy, or other vintages to backfill.

It’s probably “no different” from a million other threads, “M”…but…what is the subject of this one was/is my question?

I can’t tell.

What/where is “ao”?

AO is a winery in Napa, that the Napa guys seem to like.

We would not like it.

I can’t seem to change the “M” thing, but my name is Mike and written below.


Alpha Omega


08 syrah? Is that what you’re talking about?

Hey, guys, I think things are getting a wee bit solipsistic out there on the Left Coast. First we’re told that by failing to sit up and post about some winery called Cabot, the eBob audience has demonstrated its cluelessness. Now the Next New Thing is reduced to mere initials so the uninitiated can’t divine what the cognescenti are talking about.

I had a quick taste of this maybe two weeks ago? at their release party. I wasn’t paying super close attention, but I remember good fruit, density in the midpalate and it being quite young. I personally think most AO’s need close to a year from release before they show best for my palate – but regardless, for AO fan’s I’d think this a no-regrets buy.

(Been trying to hook up a run through the entire 08 line-up, will have a better report then)

If you are talking about the 09 stagecoach cab, my notes are below from a visit back in October.

Another Fabulous Tasting at Alpha Omega w/ Zach and PMC - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers" onclick=";return false;


Thanks tico the first line of the review got me. Ill order tomorrow.

Slow news day in Burgundy? Wtf. If you don’t understand what someone is asking you probably couldnt answer even if you did.
Back to your regularly scheduled program.

We just startted pouring the Single vineyard Stagecoach 2009, that is why most of you have not tried it. it is available at the winery now if you ask.

As for Willlllllllll, when would be a good time for you busy guy?