Ovid Release

Just got the save the date today. 2013 Hexameter and 2013 Syrah going live 9am PDT on 5/17. No tasting notes yet but Parker gave the Hex a 99 and the Syrah a 91. I’ll be in for a 3 pack of the Hex and a bottle or two of the Syrah.

Getting a couple of each. Got a chance to taste the 13 Hex at the member party last week. Maybe the best wine that’s ever been made there. Just gorgeous.

On the 13 Syrah AG gave it 97.

Like Paul I too was at the event last week. I thought the '13 Hex was phenomenal and agree was probably best wine they’ve made to-date. I kept finding myself going back and back and back to that wine all afternoon. In fact I bought a three pack upon leaving. Wish I could afford more, incredible wine. 2/3 Cab Franc, rest Cab Sauv and Merlot.

Were you the guy at the party with the little kid?

What’s the price on the 13 Hex? I might try sourcing a bottle, I absolutely loved the one Ovid wine I’ve tasted.

$285 on the Hex and $150 for the Syrah

You betcha! Wife chose to stay home w/ our little girl, so I brought our 4 yrd old boy. He was the one chomping on breadsticks the whole time, probably cleaned them out. :wink:

Very cool. When we were waiting to get our orders I was the tall guy who asked him what his favorite wine was?

Anyone know anything so the Experiment W1.4 white blend? Was it released?

For sale in the tasting room only. If you’re a member you can call them to place an order.

The white was good. First Ovid white and wine not using estate grapes… 1/3 Sauv Blanc, 1/3 Roussanne, and 1/3 Viognier. I think I overheard someone say $65, but don’t quote me, could be wrong. Here’s a link for details…


$85 on the W1.4. The catering was by AdHoc and it was incredible with the Fried Chicken