Outstanding Rosé of Gamay - Bow and Arrow

I have lots of friends who are winemakers and sadly I no longer buy as much wine as I used to from them because I simply have too much wine and also drink mostly German wine augmented with white burgundy and champagne.

Well…during covid times I have been ordering a lot wine from them and it has been so much fun. I ordered some Gamay and Pinot Noir from my friend Scott from Bow & Arrow and he added a gift, a Rosé of Gamay. Talk about burying the lead! This wine is outstanding. After half a glass my wife said BUY more!! I of course did.

This is a delicious Rosé with structure, zip, energy, spice, and one of those wines that just disappears in your glass way too fast. I think it could even age for a few years although I doubt mine will last that long.

I also really enjoyed his Willamette valley Gamay.

The Rosé is only $20, I would highly recommend it!

Scott makes really nice wines. I haven’t tried the '19 yet, but this is always one of the better OR roses. His Melon can be very nice, too.