Outpost Mailer

I haven’t seen any discussion on this, so it makes me wonder what’s wrong with the wines. hahaha. I’m sure I’m not that special to have been the only one to receive the email.

I’m not at all interested in the PS, but curious if others have had the chance to try the 07 True Vineyard Cab, and the Howell Mtn Cab.

I haven’t had the 07, but the '05 True was one of my favorite cabs of the vintage across all price points. I found it remarkably similar to Maybach in it’s concentration and opulence, but where the Maybach offers that Oakville cassis purity, the True focuses on that brambly, Howell minerality (and a heavy dose of cigar box). Comparatives aside, it’s a great cab on its own. Haven’t tried the regular bottling. The Pets are decent, but for the coin, I look to Turley.

Interesting perspective, Jody. I think I agree.

I have been a fan of ‘The Other’ though.

I used to max out my order every year with Outpost, but I can get it for less at retail locally so no longer buy direct. I still love the wines though.

I don’t even know what prices they are on release. I’m intrigued by the True. Have you found this at retail?

Mike, you’ve turned so many of us on to Maybach, its a comparative that probably gets the most mileage. With Thomas at the helm, the qualitative connection is also pretty easy to make. fwiw, I’ve really liked the Other too, just not 50 bucks worth.

Haven’t seen it out here Jeb, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find it at MacArthurs. Ironically enough, I discovered Outpost through Dean and Deluca, and I think there’s still a store in Georgetown. The true was $85 off the list IIRC.

Dean & Deluca eh? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s still there. I think Parker scored the 07 True a 114, so it has to be a must buy. pileon

Bought the 2006 True at Acker in NYC at a significant discount from MSRP a while back. It was the pick ofthe litter for me when we did a recent TRB-off tasting including Maybach, Schrader and the usual suspects. Wonderful wine.

Yeah, the first year I bought this off mailer I later found the wines for significantly cheaper via retail as well. Kinda frustrating…

This is all good info. I guess I’ll have to hold off in that case.

My rep said he thinks it won’t be available until around May to retail.

When a number of Berserkers & I went up to Outpost – the 07 True was the standout of the tasting for me. Really freaking good, I didn’t see Parker’s note, but the score is about right.

Thanks for the praise Will, yeah the 07 True is a real stunner, although I am definitely biased. We’re really pleased that we got the points that we did and look forward to crafting even more vivid, layered efforts for years to come. Different from past releases this 07 is 100% Cab fruit, a blend of the clones we have planted at the vineyard. The 06 had traces of Franc and Merlot. Going to 100% Cab really speaks to the level of quality of the fruit and how it is developing at that site, year after year.

The mailer will be sent out February 1st, so you can all expect it at your place a few days later. For the first time, we are offering the wines with a set allocation, don’t worry, it’s generous. If anyone has questions they can contact me at dan@outpostwines.com.

I love Outpost stuff, and TRB wines in general, but I CANNOT get my head around the shipping prices.I’ve been to the mountain and tasted the wine (had a mighty fine time) but cannot buy with shipping that high when I can get it retail. Sorry guys…

We dropped our shipping prices E, welcome back.