Ouch! Part 2.

In the last 20 minutes. Saxum, Rivers Marie and Outpost. At least I get a couple of hours before Myriad.

I always expect the credit card company to suspect suspicious activity on days like these. Must be used to it.

And, I bet there are others I am not on the list for.


Well, Outpost sure went fast - good thing Maybach came in right behind it.

I knew what this thread was about as soon as I saw your prefect title! [cheers.gif]

I say ouch and only got Rivers Marie and Myriad!

These wineries are on my keep list, but I am trying to do a 50% reduction this year.

Congratulations on a painful morning! [cheers.gif]

Shouldn’t there be a Carlisle offer sometime soon?

Slow on the order and True sold out

True sold out on me between clicking through from cart to confirm.

I believe it is this Thursday.

Got my R-M and Myriad.

“Hello Mr Sonkin
We noticed you hadn’t bought any wine today, and me and the rest of the team were quite concerned. You are alright aren’t you, not being held against your will or anything like that?”

The better the Wine he drinks the worse the Browns will be

Orders in for Outpost, RM and Myriad. Maybach and Carlisle coming shortly, and then Berserker Day. Sigh…

2018 to date…6 offers received. 4 deleted. 1 ordered. 1 on the fence.


Which ones made the cut ?

Saxum. With the Quality of the Wine under 100 Dollars and Free Shipping, it is a No Brainer to me. All In!

Saxum, Myriad & Outpost !

As a second-waver, Saxum makes it easy for me: they don’t have any wine for me to purchase.

Ugh. Rivers-Marie and No Girls in the same week for me. Only did four bottles from RM and completely skipped on No Girls (mainly due to the forced buying of 3-packs).

Got R-M and Myriad. Noticed the Myriad won’t ship until October. If there are other releases from them in between do they just ship everything out together in one?

Yep, three of my very favorite producers on the same day . . . R-M, Saxum and Myriad, same day as estimated Taxes due too! All will sell out, so unable to wait to order.

Decided I have to pass on Myriad, Outpost, and the Rivers-Marie Pinot offers today. With Carlisle on Thursday, Turley next week, and Berserker Day the week after, I need to show some restraint. Plus, as of 30 minutes ago, it looks like we need to buy a new roof. So, I’ll be looking to cut out my more expensive bottle purchases for a while (and not make it up in volume elsewhere!).