'Other' Wines

Hi Terry,

I was just thinking of this, I cracked a bottle of 1992 Wittmann Albalonga TBA around Thanksgiving. I know that they’re not in your catalog any more, and Lyle Fass even told me that they ripped up those vines.

So what ‘other’ cool wines are your producers making that we should know about? Anyone still doing things like this?

I hope to see you in NYC in a couple weeks!

Before reaching for the totally recherché, why not consider the lower-hanging fruit such as the (many) outstanding Muskatellers and Scheurebes already being offered, as well as the (few but superb) Rieslaners?

But, I too miss that Albalonga. Another poor waif that was caught in the mush of all the truly yucky crossings of the post-war years.


Hopefully we can get together some time. I’ve still got some Wittmann Albalonga ('97 auslese and '98/'02 BA) down in the cellar.