Other Half Tap Takeover in London

Even as thirds I’m not sure I can manage all these on a school night. Which do folks on here with with OH experience rate highest?

  1. All That and Then Some 9.5% - Imperial IPA
  2. Superfun! 4.2% - Session Pale
  3. Hop Showers 7.4% - IPA
  4. IPA 7%
  5. Forever Ever 4.7% - Session IPA
  6. All Green Everything 10.5% - Imperial IPA
  7. Still GREEN 7% - IPA
  8. Boogie Board Stuntz 4.7% - Kolsch
  9. Chardonnay Brett Saison 6%
  10. Canni’baal 4.9% - Saison
  11. Golden Spelt 4.5% - Spelt Saison
  12. Oat Junkie 6.5% - IPA collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing
  13. Foodre Jooose #1 What Even Though 6.5% - Saison
  14. Galaxy IPA 7%

Is this for real?!?!?!?! Do whatever you can to make this event Dave! You will not regret it.

I live 45 minutes from the brewery (on a good traffic day) and I’ve never heard of bout 1/2 of those beers.

Sure is. And I’ll definitely be there.

Bit more info about each beer here: http://eepurl.com/bAdo8b

I had the Chardonnay Brett Saison recently and it was brilliant!

WOW ! Run do walk to this event. That is one amazing line-up.



I was at Other Half yesterday and was talking to one of the brewers who told me the London Beer Carnival was cancelled. Since the beer was already sent, I believe there will be OH poured at events.

Here’s how I would navigate that beer list if they were all ahead of me (I’ve had all of these beers before). If I could sample say half of those in 4 oz pours I would choose the following beers and drink them in the following order: 10 - Canni’baal, 12 Oat Junkie, 13 FJ, 5 Forever Ever, 3 Hop Showers, 14 Galaxy, 6 AGE

Greg, not a fan of 9? Thought it was excellent better than Cann’ibal) when I had them both a couple of weeks ago.

Jorge - I thought the chardonnay brett saison was no good. All I got was butter when I had it. Tasted like an over-oaked chardonnay. If you get a chance to try the All Brett Everything, run don’t walk. It’s the same hop profile as AGE, but clocks in at 6.5% and the brett rounds it out. Wonderful.

Interesting! I had it on draft at Captain Lawrence’s Sour’d in September and definitely didn’t get the buttery, overoaked profile. The Cann’ibal was very good as well but I slightly preferred the Chard Brett. Thanks for the tip on the All Brett. I HAVE to get down to the brewery soon!

I bet you had the 2d batch. They might have dialed back the oak treatment.

The brett probably needed to work its magic still, they released it too early or had it too cold. Usually what happens that causes all that butter

Thanks for all the suggestions. Will post some thoughts tomorrow.

Most likely the former as I had it the first day it was on in the tasting room.

Managed to try seven beers last night: six draft pours and then a can that someone fresh back from Brooklyn had with them.

General consensus was that the beers weren’t in great shape; those that have drunk them at the brewery and elsewhere in NYC suspected they’d been shipped a while back and not been stored that well since reaching the UK.

Here’s what I tried:

Canni’baal 4.9% - Saison
Oat Junkie 6.5% - IPA collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing
Super fun! 4.2% - Session Pale
Chardonnay 6% - Brett Saison
Foodre Jooose #1 What Even Though 6.5% - Saison
Hop Showers 7.4% - IPA
Green Diamonds (Can) - Imperial IPA

Oat Junkie was my favourite of the draft pours; fresher and better balanced than the other pales/IPAs.

Foodre Jooose my pick of the saisons. Really didn’t like Chardonnay barrel-aged one which was overpoweringly banana-ey and coconut-ey (not unlike Malibu, actually).

Green Diamonds was great and gave me a sense how good these beers should be.

Yikes! Too bad Dave. Maybe you should come to New York and try them as they are meant to be!

That’s not a bad idea, Jorge.

Sad to hear the beers weren’t showing their best for you in London. If you ever make it to Brooklyn and want to go to the taproom, shoot me a pm.

Will do, Greg!