Orr Old Vines Chenin Blanc 2022 - decant?

Plan on including one of these in the wines I take over to friends’ place today.

Any experience with decanting or not decanting this wine? Thanks!

Any idea on how old the vines are? Really curious about the term ‘old vines’ these days.

And excited to see your notes as well!


Larry, here’s what Erica Orr posted a couple of years ago:

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My experience is that a wine that young always benefits from air. I’d probably just double decant a few hours ahead, making sure it gets plenty of air. If you want to throw it in a decanter and swirl it hard every now and then, that won’t hurt either. But don’t bother just decanting and leaving it there :wink:

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Ah . . . the memories . . . . :rofl: :wine_glass:

Opened one yesterday. Pretty tight. Decanting might have helped.

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I’ve got the wine in a decanter. Thanks, folks!!

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Curious as to how you liked it!


I had one glass right after I arrived (had probably been decanted - and back in the 60 degree cellar - for about 2 hours prior). I liked it and so did my friend who primarily drinks whites. We made an effort to keep it fairly cold. I didn’t think it particularly complex, but I have so little experience with white wine I’m probably not the best judge of those things. Next one I open I will try for a little less “busy” environment - like my back patio on a nice spring day (we typically have three of those here in Wyoming). :wine_glass:

Good to hear it worked OK. I’ll give you an unsolicited opinion, which you can obviously ignore lol: many people drink their white wines too cold. Any time you get a btg white at a restaurant, you can bet the glass will quickly cloud up with outside condensation from the cold. That’s too cold for almost any wine. You’ll get a lot more from it, particularly Chenin in my experience, at a warmer temp. like cool room temp, mid-60s or thereabouts.


Yep. That’s always been my thinking, too. I had read someone’s note on the 2019 where they suggested keeping it on the colder side. Next one I will taste at a little bit warmer temps. Also, I will taste it over a few hours, as one glass rarely ever gives me a good view of a wine. Looking forward to another date with it, over a few hours on my back patio!

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