Oregon Wineries that will host a dinner

I am planning a trip to Willamette Valley for five couples and would like to do a dinner at a winery. Please let me know of any wineries (especially top tier wineries) that might be able to arrange an onsite dinner. Thanks.

Maybe St. Innocent at their new facility?

Hiyu does dinners at their winery with food all grown on the farm. Big Table used to do the same, but I’m not sure if they still do/are right now from COVID. Both are high on my list of want to dos

Think the OP is asking after a private dinner, not a list of wineries that have dinner series that are attendable.

Brooks? Antics Terra? Gran Moraine? Only a handful have on staff chefs.

Antica Terra was the first that popped into my head, pretty sure they can accommodate

This is Bryan with Hazelfern in Newberg, OR, and high end intimate winemaker/chef pairing dinners is one of my favorite things to do here at the winery. You can see pics of our space and past dinners on Instagram (@hazelferncellars) or on our website (hazelfern.com)

Heads up: Current Covid-19 regulations here in the WV only allow for groups up to 8 people at one table (Newberg, Dundee, and McMinnville are all in Yamhill County which is currently considered “low risk” allowing for groups up to 8). Groups larger than 8 would need to be split into two tables that are 6 feet apart.

Hope that helps!


I’d think that a number of smaller WV producers would be interested in doing this. I won’t volunteer any names so as not to put them on the spot. A private chef is pretty easy to put together and maybe even do it at a winemaker’s home. I’ve put together a number of chef-prepared dinners with winemakers in private homes and they are a lot more intimate than at a winery.

7 posts in and no discussion of helicopter parking accommodations?

Friday fun :slight_smile:


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While we are mostly not in the private dinner business we do have a spot where a helicopter could land.


I’ll bet Domaine Serene would do it. They offer their “Club House” for private events.

And you can definitely land a helicopter.

the chef from Soter is currently on Top Chef and she is 3/4 is winning the challenges thus far.

How close can they dock their yacht? Asking for a friend of a friend of a fellow WB poster.