Opinions onbest beer selection LA

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this has been a topic before.

I was wondering where my fellow LA peeps go for the best beer selection. Both retail and bar.

LA is a big place… what part of LA?

I live in Hollywood, but drive all over for awesome food and drinks.

This is a must in Sherman Oaks


Rob, we are passionate about beer, have over 200 selections changing weekly and very aggressive pricing but we are in Santa Monica.

Cheers, Roberto

Naja’s Place

located in S. Redondo.

If it’s not the second-best beer bar I’ve ever been to (behind Akkurat in Stockholm), then it is the best. It’s definitely my favorite. If you don’t already know about this place, then you absolutely must check it out; if you fail to do so, then you have failed yourself.

Yup. Food is good, too.

Also in Sherman Oaks is Blue Dog Beer Tavern, which has a good selection of rotating kegs.

Yesterday we tried Local Peasant in Woodland Hills. The food was mediocre but the beer list was pretty impressive with a fun atmosphere. We’ll definitely give it another try.

I also add that we’ve enjoyed Congregation Ale House in Pasadena.

Just go to Beachwood in Long Beach. Amazing craft of their own and stunning guest taps plus one of the best bottle lists in all of So Cal, add to that the incredible Carolina BBQ menu and you need go no further, unless you want the same in their Seal Beach location, however the SB local is not a brewery as is LB so you do miss the opportunity for fresh growler fills of their great beers to take away.



I absolutely love Blue Dog and go there several times a week. Only 8 handles, but 4 rotate among great beers and the permanent four are Green Flash, Rasputin, Scrimshaw, and my go to Chimay Triple. Menu is more limited than Boneyard, but the beer is always fresh, as are the barmaids, and the food is good. They are planning to open another, bigger Dog (with more handles) in the old Blockbuster Video space at So Bundy Drive and Santa Monica Blvd, 1.5 miles from my home. Can’t wait!

Yup, Blue Dog is great. Glad to know they’re expanding to the Westside. Having it a mile from home sounds excellent - though perhaps too convenient!

If you live south of that intersection then we will have very little reason to not regularly get together for some whisky when we return to our Culver City home in a few months.

North of Santa Monica Blvd, but only 1.5 miles. Close enough!

Well, that makes the distance between us closer to 9 miles, rather than closer to 5, but – like you said – close enough! :slight_smile:

SmithHouse in Century City has a good tap list as well.
There’s a place in North Hollywood that I can’t think of the name of, good beers but only in bottles, no taps…

The Federal?

I found it; Brickyard Pub, it is close to the Federal (right around the corner on Magnolia at Lankershim)

Sorry I went M.I.A people. Life is crazy! I hope you are well. Thank you all for the suggestions. I will work my through all of them. Willingly of course! :slight_smile:

If you’re in Hollywood why not surly goat? Place has a deep selection and gets a lot of exclusive stuff

Oh and hot girls go there [snort.gif]