Opinion: Is Double Diamond Cab worth $100?

TIA-I received my first offer today and have never had. I will say that I’m a big TRB fan, though I’m a bit frustrated by CA tax. Any way, was just curious to get others opinion.

I’ve never had the wine, so I can’t comment on value, but I do know that I’ve seen this wine at retail in the $60-70 range. So I definitely would not pay $100 off the list (and presumably pay shipping on top of that).

Its been years since I drank one of these. IIRC, it was decent but not great and I decided they weren’t worth the $50 they were asking for a bottle. At the time, dropping DD didn’t influence or impact my place on Schrader’s wait list. Cheers!

No. Better Napa Valley Appellation Cabernet around for under $100.

If you want upper tier quality Napa cab at a medium price, a well respected winemaker, and no waitlist, take a look at Elyse. From the 2018 vintage forward, the wines are made by Russell Bevan.

You’ll see a lot of very positive reviews on WB if you search around.

This is a fine bottle of wine. Just a simple wine. There are 50 California cabs between $60 and $100 that are much better.

I was on the Schrader list for ages and also bought a good bit of DD.
It’s not worth anything close to $100.

Had the 16 and wouldn’t pay $25 for it. $100 no.

You won’t find a better Cab in that price range than the 2016 Andrew Will Sorella Champoux Vineyard. Paid around $70

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As a point of reference, the 2008 was $35 per, and included shipping on full case orders.

I can’t believe the price went up so much. I remember those in the $30 range and I wasn’t overly impressed.

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wow…is that how much they are now? i remember buying them for sub $30 for my 2002

I bought many bottles. A good wine for $50!

I buy a good amount of wines in that 50-100 range and this does not even hit my radar. TRB makes several other Cabs under 100 including Rivers Marie and Caterwaul wines. Outpost is just over 100 now and is pretty good as well.

I wouldn’t pay much more than 30 or 40 for a bottle of this.

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So you are saying the release price to club or allocation members is $100? Or is this the price you would pay including tax and shipping? Clarification please . . .



I’ve never tried it, but it’s rare to post a question on this forum and get 100% agreement in the answers - which it appears you have.



I tried it at $30 and it was barely worth it at that price point.

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I had it in the past when it was Lake County fruit. I have not had it since they switched Napa fruit

It used to be Lake Country fruit. Now it’s Napa, i believe Oakville fruit. Big difference And I would surmise a lot of the folks dissing it weren’t aware of that and have not had it since the switch. I haven’t either