Online, just wineries or shops also

Do you buy online from shops or just wineries

  • Do you buy online from retail stores
  • Do you buy online just from wineries
  • Both

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Do you buy from online retailers

Do you buy just online from wineries


I buy online from Wineries and web-based retailers such as WTSO, and in retail shops.

My vote for online retailers … as there aren’t many UK wineries to buy direct from (and unsurprisingly I don’t).


Both 2

Both and sometimes both and then individually from both. [snort.gif]

Winery Direct Online - new releases 60%

K&L - Backfill older stuff / European / random really good deals. I order here and there over the course of a couple months then pick up in WeHo. 20%

The Wine Country, Signal Hill - Random Daily Drinkers, things I like from their retail tastings, Rosé, and a few go-to’s (like Ridge). The store is local, and where my locker is. 20%

If you only buy from wineries, that means you’re only drinking US wine. That’s OK but certainly limiting.