One splurge-ish night in Paris?

where would you go to dinner? I know some people didn’t love Tour d’Argent, but I always thought the wine list was worth the trip. They are still closed for renovations, plus I am going to be dining on a Monday night.

Any thoughts on a great restaurant (wine list) that is open on a Monday would be appreciated.


David toutain

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i would do MoSuke for the food. No clue what the wine list looks like…

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I second this suggestion.

I thought the wine prices were quite reasonable. The wine list was pretty large.

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David Toutain and Le Taillevent

DT has a big wine list but not nearly as deep and well priced as Le Taillevent. But the food is tastier to me. So just a balance between what you’re looking for.

Were you there (DT) while Vegan, Charlie?

Singularly the worst vegetarian meal my wife ever had.

Vegetarian. I thought it was thoughtful and good.

Le Clarence isn’t open on Mondays. I’d change plans to be in Paris on Tuesday.

If that isn’t an option and you don’t like Arpege, Toutain would be my choice.

Yes, the wine list is awesome. And they have the Caves du Taillevent not too far from the restaurant where you can find some fun stuff.

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Spent ten days in Paris right before Covid and ate our way through Paris.
The 2 restaurants we dream about going back to most often were not the most expensive.

First is Hebe which we did on thanksgiving lunch and we had perhaps the best thanksgiving meal we’ve ever had. Go there for lunch. The prefix menu is like $30 ans amazing and the wine is adequate for an enjoyable lunch.

The second is so inexpensive and unpretentious. La grange Aux. They specialize in southern French cooking and especially duck. And they nail it. Wine list is not Impressive but the food is good you will remember for a long time.

Look at their reviews. They live up to it. If you are looking for one meal in Paris to tell stories about the refined French food and wine and spending $250+ a person, then these are not the ones for you but if you have 4 days in Paris, do these 2 places and I suspect they will be part of a memorable story telling experience of the stay.

I don’t know why they were so crummy towards us, but my wife’s entree was a twig with a couple of pieces of vegetables. Mostly twig.

Bristol or Georges V ?
Cheval Blanc ??

George V is not open on Monday. It is excellent when open.

+1 :grinning:

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Halle aux grains (Michel Bras); food excellent, wine list is not extensive, but imo well chosen

Ok. A different idea. The newly renovated Rosewood Crillon is incredibly nice. The main restaurant is incredibly boring. Go to the Les Ambassadeurs bar. Sit at the bar. Eat the bar menu, enjoy the amazing room. And order off the wine list from the main restaurant, l’Ecrin. The wine list has an amazing assortment of hard to find grower champagnes at prices well under USA pricing. And did I mention that the bar room is incredibly beautiful. It can become crowded so maybe go a little early. And 100% sit at the bar to watch the bar shows…

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