One night in Nashville

Primer: I spent 10 years growing up in Nashville and lived there for 16 months in 2008-2009 but havent been back since. I am in town for one night and want to have a great dinner with my parents. They are cool so noise, energy leve, and vibe etc are not a turnoff. Just one dinner with some amazing food.
My options:
City House- I just remember loving this and it seems as if Chef Tandy has continuued to receive accolades and praise.
Rolf & Daughters
The 404 Kitchen
Le Sel
Husk (I have been to the Charleston location)

Thanks in advance.

I keep hearing great things about 404 from numerous people. City House is still rock solid. For Rolf, you need to get there early as they don’t take reservations. Haven’t heard much about Le Sel. As for Husk, you can do better.

For other suggestions, Kayne Prime if you are looking for red meat. 5th & Taylor is also good and really like the feel of the place, especially if it is not too cold and you can grab a drink on the patio.

Thanks Adam. Rolf & Daughters took a reservation so that is where i am heading.

Awesome…do you have a big party? I forgot that Rolf will take reservations for parties of 6…?


No just for 3

I was in in Nashville a few weeks ago and thought Rolf was solid. fun space, great cocktails, imaginative small plates and some good pastas. Husk delivered the goods as well. If your folks are up for a speakeasy experience, check out Patterson House after Rolf.

Sounds like the meal may have already happened, but I would second the votes for Kayne (steak) and Etch (new American)

I went to Rolf & Daughters last night. I had a fantastic meal. The mushroom past was so great and to have a fettuccine sauce that ate light as opposed to heavy is really amazing. The tartare and chicken liver pate were both standouts. I also really like their take on an old fashioned.